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2021-09-26 20:11:17 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: September 2021

GOALS REFLECTION: September 2021

[Names and locations have been obscured to preserve privacy.]

Perhaps a third of participants have abandoned their garden plots over at the community garden. Weeds are thick here and there. Meanwhile, I still visit every other day or so, trimming back weeds once a week. The ginger still appear healthy and strong. I'm curious and excited to see how things will look. The garden coordinator notified us that the growing season will be extended until the end of November, so I hope to wait as long as possible before harvesting what might be there.

Speaking of which, I've spied a few errant volunteer radishes popping up here and there. I was so tickled with this that I brought out a few of the seeds I'd saved from earlier in the year and planted a dozen more. Since I have to the end of November - and I still have a great gob of radish pods to grab seeds from - there's nothing to lose.

Wildflowers and pigweed (a variety of amaranth, as far as I can tell) are popping up all over. Some greedy bastard ate my pumpkin. So it goes. Easy come easy go, really. It's presently deflating and feeding garden critters.

I am about 80% certain I'm resigning from my day job in January 2021, in which case I won't be gardening here. I chatted with one of my garden neighbours just yesterday and he seemed surprised. We talked about the garden hose I had purchased, and he opted to let me take it with me wherever I end up.

My time on the eco-compound's discussion board has increased over this month. I can see myself expanding my social sphere through it. There is a strong community there with dozens of regulars and a competent moderation team, so it's all been positive and affirming. I think next year will be a good time to hitch my wagon to the eco-compound to solidify my next move. Ideally, I'd be able to work the land, learn loads of skills, edit a bunch of footage for their instructional videos and then move overseas. It seems a stretch to accomplish all that in one month, so spending two or three times as much time as I originally planned to may be in my future. I do have savings, so it should be achievable without financial anxieties.

September was a big fat nothing-burger in this area. The day job dominated my mental energies, while gardening and exercise took up my physical energies. Once again, this month I've played more video games than I've designed.

I've since left behind all video game "scene connections." Not saying I'm done making games, but clearly there's no drive to do the thing right now. Tabletop games are also off to the wayside while I re-sort priorities.

I suppose it's just about the time to remove this topic from my monthly reviews.

To sum things up, I intend to leave the day job by the end of March 2022. I'll submit my resignation in January, and train my replacement - whatever that might look like - in the first three months of that year. This month was our first in-person training since March 2020, and it was challenging.

There are a number of staff pulling the weight of those who seem either burned-out or apathetic. As the main instructor for this course, a lot was on my shoulders and acknowledging that I am unable to depend on certain team members was disappointing. Meanwhile, the city where we do our work is on a downward trajectory, as far as I can tell. Other local agencies that are supposed to do similar work to us haven't stepped up their game either. The result is that the work we do accomplish are seen as nothing short of impressive and notable, by default. If the rest of the team was able to do their jobs, then we truly would be phenomenal.

I'm not up to shouldering that anymore, and while my underwater supervisor does impressive things, the training seems to have trundled along on three flat tires for the past year and a half. Being paid good money is one thing, but I'm done with tapping a vein to make it work. Particularly so, when the slackers could afford to step up and bleed a bit, too.

In other news, soap-making continues. I've learned a lot about the process, tried various essential oils and blends, and have become good at it. I've shared soap with family and friends, coworkers, my housemate/landlords, and my garden elders. I've even sent some to my pen pal in the Czech Republic. It's received positive marks all around.

I completed one commission on a four-piece game board. The process is still lacking elegance, to put it mildly. I'd figured that after troubleshooting my first attempt at it like a year ago, this one would go smoothly. No such luck...! I still have a lot to learn when it comes to sophisticated laser-cutting projects. The designing works very well, but multiple conjoining pieces remains a challenge.

Family connection seems to be in a bit of a holding pattern for the time being. I was unable to visit due to my work schedule being so demanding. I wanted to visit during a three-day weekend close to the start of the month, but close to the last minute they shifted their schedule on their end, with non-vaccinated people coming and going, so it seemed an unnecessary risk - on top of a condensed time schedule - for me to make the trip out there. But my mother and I have chatted on the phone a few times in lieu of my visit.

Two more things to add:
- I am attempting to find friends through the eco-compound's discussion boards. There was a letter-exchange thread I jumped into, and soon I may receive a physical letter from one of the highly-regarded regulars.
- My soap-making partner seems to be barely holding her life together, being perpetually on the verge of tears every time I see her. Meanwhile my artist friend seems to want more from me, in terms of expressing intimacy. Not gonna go into detail about either of these relationships for the moment. My "drunk n' rambling" post from earlier this month is enough in that regard for now.

Weight is stabilized, and ideally I would be able to reduce as much as 15 more pounds. I think I am in a good place. I've scaled-back my "comfort eating" and I have stayed completely away from dairy all month, and I feel and see a benefit. Coffee is my main vice, with perhaps the addition of occasional black licorice and then popcorn when I visit the cinema.

I hit the exercise bike five or six days a week, anywhere between 400 and 500 calories at a time. Sometimes physical soreness in various places encourages me to rest or cut my routine short. I am okay with this.

Watching birds is so enjoyable...! I saw my first-of-the-season big-ass woodpecker hanging on the bird-feeder a few days ago. It was like a foot and a half long, from beak to the tip of its tail. Right next to it was a black-capped chickadee, which is like three to four inches long. It's wild. Even chasing a squirrel away several times every other day isn't that big a deal anymore when overall I find it such a rewarding past-time.

The cinemas are still open, and I catch revival film screenings once or twice each weekend. It's pretty great.

My eyes are set on different horizons these days, though I've not shared as much with my day job as of yet. Personally, I feel like I'm in the preparation phase for the next chapter in life. I just need to pick and choose how and when to make my intentions known.