If I die today
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2021-09-26 13:28:31 (UTC)

happy or sad

Todays fottball day so I just wrked out and showered while nDea is watching the game. been a peaceful day grabbed a few groceiries today the basics. So a few meals finally got a message mom set up the roku so I went ahead and sent the gift now its up to her to use it or let it expire. One thing we talked about last week in group was how some people have happy funerals where thee family wants to celebrate others morn the loss. Niether is wrong. I really dont know what I "want" Guess it doesnt matter when I'm gone but still trying to think about it I think a happy theme would be better but also I know a mixed group of people and some may find some healing in mourning. so I'm still not sure I think nDea should run the show if anything happened to me and whatever he suggest I cant see a big huge thing but yah know just that people are included. Anyhow so yestray in browsing the obituries I found pa-ul-- ro-bl-ye r lCaro's brotheer. I havnt spoke to her about this but it says the funereal is today cant find the cause of death anywhere so sad I didnt ant to call her today since it said his service was today. but what a shock so sad. He was pretty outspoken. A free spirit a trump supporter so who knows he may have been murdered or something maybe thats why no info on cause. IDK its very sad and I was shocked. how crazy. for me I want to express to her care and compassion but dont know how to apporach this or whats apporpatie. Physcially unremarkable day a few things here n there in my mind but nothing too spefic or heavy. anyhow I'm ready to get up now from sitting after the shower as showers usually make me need some sit time so better go do whatever I do maybe close to coffee time hmmm.