If I die today
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2021-09-25 17:06:49 (UTC)

coffee news

Drinking 3oclock coffee now as at 3 we were visiting with nDea's family and it wasnt my top priority but I doo have a slight addiction. news is on so I'm better off writing now than fueling myslef with this bull. Ok anyhow nDea took his grandaughter and I to the fall festival- a local sorta carnival thing. It was a little warm so glad we went early. Did a few kiddie rides with her. Ironcaly I conquerned te stairs I went up the big slide. Also climbed hay stacks and just a lot of stuff it was almost 100 day by the time we all ate lunch I guess thats the cost I better get myelf together and make this place more habbital for her to spend the night well shit just make it habbitable. Anyhow Cmonster watched the dog I really need to re-think I what I call her and the time is probally soon when Ill need / want to apologise to her for not letting her get situatied before dating him. I kinda want to now but still have a few hesitaines and anxietes over that. I think nDea is mad at me bc of my rebellion against self suffication so its a hrd thing to accpet but Id like to thingk I wont surrender. He said now I'm making his life hard . he is welcome to do stuff without me thou. Anyhow I get the impression the grandaughter likes me I got 2 hugs and a lot of attention. Did face some challanging fear/situations for myself as far as rides stairs and stuff today. Trying to soften up about the SEA but still unsure. healthwise its all the same I got this hicups early this morning so I did a posture express workout and boom they were gone so that myst be what I needed. I kinda want a drink but Id want t to be a good and cheap on.e I want a can opener so I can save money by buying any canned item so I want a can opener I'm comfortable with. having acid reflux type symptoms today too. sent the 150 check in the mail yesterday to mom adavanced payment on my dental loan so gotta watch my budget but I really need to help I want to that weighs on me. guess thats all i got for right now