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2021-09-25 07:19:20 (UTC)

‎Friday, ‎24 ‎September ..

‎Friday, ‎24 ‎September ‎2021

Old Mans Room For All to know

Been having trouble getting rebuffering with the internet service you have? Yes, I am sure many of you are. Your server can be transferring you to another state to keep pressure off the clients that they have and pay more than you do. How this works is they will transfer you to any state that they feel you get low-quality service but still get service. Say for example you use up your data then they want you to pay for more and more data. After using up that data then they will switch you to another state where service is not lightning speed. Take my service for example Hughes.Net, I am supposed to have over 50 GB speed and it goes at times below 10 gbm a minute. Look above where you're intake is even from a dish in your yard there able to send you any place with less service. Locate where service is coming from then go to another area and your service will pick up speed. My service was coming out of Missouri and it is slower than shit! Put in your home area like mine is Rogers, Arkansas and it will reconnect me to AT&T. Faster speed without buffering and well above 30 GB. When it slows down then I look in other states. Give it a try and you'll understand how people are ripping you off. Stop them and many more ideas still coming. Send me a donation if any of my tips have saved you money or information has helped you learn something that you never knew. As I get older, I run into snail scum wanting to screw even their own family members for that useless buck that is still needed to get much of what you need to live a comfortable life.

Notice where to change your location. Any state as they all have slow and faster connections depending on the server you pay monthly!

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