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2021-09-25 04:58:52 (UTC)

James stay in Fort Smith

‎Friday, ‎24 ‎September ‎2021
8:47:47 PM

Old Mans Room For All to know

Just had a call from James Kemp, asking if he still had his room. I said yes, but that he will need to pay $350.00 a month or live someplace else. Even his younger brother was told the same thing. After all, they also lived here like their parents rent-free for over seven years. James said I understand and planned to go to work where my son John Jr. and his friends work. John Jr. does the same as I do and tries to help people no matter who gets work so that they can learn to live on their own and not live as this family has for seven years take and never give back anything no matter what you tried to do.
James if many of you have kept up with all my stories for over fifteen plus years since really starting to keep track of what this old man does while on retirement as well as social security has a six-bedroom and three bath place. Well, when all my kids grew up and moved on to their own lives, that left me alone with a big place. Read the beginning of this story in other places on The World Wide Web as to I became so weak and with age that does happen. Happens to the point that you wonder if the doctors are feeding you pills just to continue to force your life to enough existence to continue to buy bills and you start to wonder if you are just a guinea pig for testing new things out. Again read from the very beginning as I have something that comes up daily with this old man.
James has been in another place called Fort Smith at a drug rehab or conditional living. Yes, a religious type money-grabbing group that helps you get your life straight and back on track. My beliefs already expressed on these state and private run money-grabbing places also already published many years back someplace.
Need to stop referring to things and stay on one subject, but my English as I am told is far from being the norm taught in schools of lower and higher living. Just because you have a degree doesn't mean you learned anything. My subjects best always has been math and science.
Need to stop my brain rushing on before even getting to the story I want to explain here. Hard for someone 75 years old. You'll be surprised how older people's brains really do the race as you gain older days in your life.
Stop damn it! James has lived here as well as two brothers and mom and pops for fifteen years plus FOR FREE, even started out to the point that Parents were given two renters' money of $7oo.oo plus monthly in order to pay all the utilities for this place. In short after paying utilities at the highest during winter may be close to that amount. Meaning none of them to pay any rent for all the rooms they had. Two other renters paid for outside rooms that were warmer than even the house in the winter months.
Well, James had some mental problems and really still does because of the drug use and he is in his thirties now. Pays $400.00 a month where he is living in Fort Smith, and also holds down a job as well as has many duties as everyone that lives in a group home. He stated he is almost complete and drug-free and wants to go to work here and live where he can see his parents as well as his brother and family. I feel as I told him that he should remain where he is since he already has a job as well as a place to live and continue to do what he is as things are not going to get any better. But, he said I already know I won't do drugs, maybe weed but that is legal now. Yes, our country really knows how to make things illegal till the majority is addicted then continue to keep them addicted legally as well as get a card for a yearly payment of $200.00 to legally buy weed at some storefront called CBD or weed outlet. Also another payment of $50.00 to $200.00 for whatever you use to buy illegally on the streets.
James is a man and not much your able to do if someone wants to make a change and he has changed as well as even put on weight. No longer this drugged-out skinny kid that seems to never have eaten. I assure you eat more than anyone I ever knew even more than I ever could. But, here is this fat old man over two hundred pounds. After talking to James he stated that his PROBATION officer called and said he could not move back home because there is a felony person living here. I said I have no idea who that could be after all if his parents have a felony then that can't stop him from staying here as really he is not out of prison galore, only on five years probation for so many petty things that takes a lot of paper, besides already wrote on the family crimes as well.
His Probation officer stated there was someone on paper as a felon. I am still not sure who that could be as no one here has any felonies out of prison. I asked who that is and James stated his probation could not tell him because she was told this by Benton Sheriff's dept. I said well if told by the Bentonville sheriff's office then they're telling that bullshit to lie only because of my run-in with those thugs with badges years ago over wanting to control this landowner for bullshit over drug use. Never used drugs in my life until and only what my doctor give me to stay alive. Hell gave up smoking even when left my war days for this dictator government was living close into now. Explained that his probation officer and I don't see eye to eye on anything as I consider her as nothing more than a babysitter for adults that can't hold a real job. Same as thugs with badges.
Besides that, James Probation officers can come and make a home visit to see where you living and no question anyone else in the household. Well, they can question, but people don't have to answer any of their questions. But they do for whatever reason. I will refuse to answer anything and still ended up in jail for a visit under false arrest bullshit by a thug, that is no longer a deputy of seven years with that more crook department always making mistakes on their reports and mistakes is what they always become once you finally get your day in court after waiting for months.
Until he finds out who the felon is there is nothing that I can do about it. Then when I asked his younger brother who is this felon that James' probation officer is talking about. Hershel stated that it may be Alex down the street as he is also on parole/or maybe probation and he gave my house address. Well, never seen any mail as well never seen the Alex kid (man now) ever stay in this house. Uses my address he said for his probation. Oh now I see, well just tell the mother hen that he doesn't live here and it's over and done with. He is a drug seller as well as a user and sold to James all the time and steals from every neighbor close by. Even from me and why I said he is not welcome to visit and anyone wants to visit him can go to his house, but not on my property.
If that is the one then mother hen is just looking for reasons for James not to return here. She probably needs some dick or at least a humbucker to release that build-up tension in her. As I said I am not much for one of Authority. Feel everyone is on equal standing until I decide there is not one that I want to associate with. Notice I said that I make the decision if their someone I wish to speak with. People give up their rights so easily today. Never knowing because someone works as a state, government thug badge wearer has no more rights than you do. They are given the power to take to jail or beat or even kill you under the protection of life or property. They are the ones that can get away with murder as well as stealing under the color of so-called law than anyone. I have seen so many law officers dealing drugs from their own patrol cars. Collecting fines from drivers they pull over instead of telling them the truth as the reason for the stop that I lost all respect in any so-called legal agency. Get my age you learn real fast that every storefront you see is on the take of some type just to get that useless dollar.
James was told to stay where he is by me until he is sure he can remain drug-free with all the so-called friends as he calls them. He said I need a better job as I don't get that many hours and can't ever get ahead. Well, I remember he never tried here last time and that is what I feel will happen as I make life too easy as I do have a SOFT HEAD (heart). I said wait till you get your driver's license back as well as the teeth fixed and then look around for a better job even away from this area that you grew up in. Settle down and find a girlfriend, not on drugs. Find a church-going girl and stay away from the street tramps with a kid from every guy she meets. Hershel is that type and has kids spread all over the damn place as well as signed his parental rights away just so as not to pay child support if and when he did find any work Tries to get on mental or SSI government of $800.00 monthly so he never has to work like so many today on it with hundreds in food stamps (snap). Then sleeping all day to make kids for more cash assistance and snap.
After all, I am old with a lot of medical problems and never know the day I will no longer be here. After all, could be shot any day by a thug with a badge anytime as attempts have been made in the past as well as a family dog murdered by a sheriff's thug badge wearer. After all, they already know how I am even after stealing money from my safe that they broke into on the election day of a new sheriff. Which by the way was even stealing cattle himself from a neighbor.
Ah, now people are looking up to see who this sheriff is. Make it even easier one pulled over by Rogers Police and gave the rookie a hard time as the car pulled over because stolen and the sheriff was using it as undercover. In short, the sheriff and his thug deputies have more power than a local policeperson.
Now can see why I prefer James to stay where he is at more for his protection than anything as I am too old to give a damn what these thugs do today. But, can only say that this society is headed in the wrong direction and expect all sorts of mandates on citizens as were all called by those in the government of state service. So many of you citizens have no idea that mandates by a president are not legal first off. You live under a Constitution and Bill of Rights to treat your body as you want as long as not harming others in the process. Meaning abortion is harming another! Enough said this is what happens with an old man that never sleeps so it seems.
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