If I die today
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2021-09-24 15:13:25 (UTC)

new, but not intersting

All right so I'm trying a cacti drink now lime flavor. I dont think I like it I shoulda went with a pineapple truly or took the walk to the store. Anyhow a few new things study polically correctly called "small group" was last night. It was sweet I do feel cared about it was truly a small group us me and the srHelfe and eCarri (from nv not to confused with cookie monster) . Anyhow in book encouragement we were talking about a word in due timeing or a wrongly timed word. Ironicaly I think theres been some need for me to learn about my words. I cant rember right now what they said next week was. Anyhow right now a 150 check in on the counter waiting to be mailed to mom I'm hoping it helps sadly I'm consdering it toward my loan but I wish I had the heart to be more genours and give. nDea is putting tires on his truck at work so he's gonna be late and a truck broke down just before lunch so they have to have that in before the day is over. about his granddaughter he is now talking about just taking her for a day rather than a spend the night visit. I think i'm okay eitheer way I just need to hide my weopenery and Id rather not be here for her drop off or pickup just in case anything uncomfortable happens.
I didnt get a ring for my bday but GUESS WHAT? it wa a rare suprise omg so nDea got me this switchblade OMG its amazing and it has a carrier cover and all a lifetime warrnty soo sweet I'm so excited I was given that yesterday and he joked that I took it with me to study but hey ya never know and its mine I'm soo happy. I have some sence of peace within me overall althou theres some anxietyes in my day this morning on our walk a man full masked stopped me and asked for "money for food" then weed then he asked where jared lived. It was all very odd he did follow us a few steps but (by we its jsut me and the schnauzer) anyhow we got out his path before going home. I was uncomfortable but not sure what to do and oddly enough I decided to take the dog with me to get laundry just in case I mean he's better than nothing bc yea never know and the manager came out the same time as us and was goiing into the laundry room but yup the dog has his heart too he wantd to pet the dog so it was great opprunity I said hey theres a creepy guy lurking around he askedme for money and then weed and then he asked where jared lived. IDK who jared is but might mean something to you. he said ooo I know who jared is and he wont behere much longer were working on getting him out. I said great it just striked me as creepy and he told me EVERYONE jared brings here is creepy. then well I'm uptight allready have a ton set and the dam next door neighbors just let thier dog loose and were nowhere in sight and the dog wasin out yard 20min whike I was cleaning and the dog is smaller than ours and anyhow he has poop in our yard. Trust me I'm very fimilar with my dogs poop. so finally I shued the dog off bc I want4ed to get my dog out while cleaning and also it pisses me off so anyhow nDea exsplained to me those nieghbors usally mind thier own business and are not a problem so we will let it slide unless it gets outta control so i'm okay with that he is correct. otherwise I paid internt bill today. nothing really exciting going on a little scatter brained. Today was more motivating than yesterday as far as willingness within me to actually live. 30min walk and a 15min am workout before laundry since I wanted to get it in early and then I did about half of a stress relief workout very distractedly before walking the dog to the coffee shop as a treat mostly for him but that was lame there seems to be a new person in there and the one girl was sorta snippy with the other and it took a bit longer than I would like to get a small blended americano with an extra shot and a dog treat and.. that cost me 5$? I'm used to paying less than 4 so IDK if theere was a price change or if i'm paying more for the blend or if its the unfimilar staff and that thee regulars cut us slack. Anyhow This is about it. I really want to help my mom. Shes asking me about taking me off the phone plan I said thats fine I'm in a bind with this atty but I need to deal with it and I've sustained a home phone for 2years now so I'll be okkkay. its time for a change anyhow right so she said she's looking at MAY when this phone is paid off. so we will see.

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