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2021-09-24 19:18:02 (UTC)

Refund real? Waiting

‎Friday, ‎24 ‎September ‎2021

Old Mans Room For All to know now waiting to see if this is just a tactic of there's or not as they have played games. and I hope that using my age of 75, as well as being retired and a Viet Nam vet softens these slugs a little. But this was received just two hours ago after the last posting and many robocalls last few nights at all hours. When you make a few thousand calls and tie up the line it will cost them. I will not wait another five days to see if a refund comes to the bank, then cross this scum off my attack list. As I said you need to fight if in the right. Taking anyone to small claims is way too expensive especially when you know you did nothing. But, I would have gone to court as have and takes years and still never collect as you need to renew the claim every year if people owe you money. I have lost thousands over the years just because people went into bankruptcy or moved where you never could find them. Thanks all for helping with calls.


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