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me and my life
2021-09-24 10:31:59 (UTC)

Dear Monku

I wish I could write you and let you soany things, like I use to tell you. Monku I terribly miss you everyday, whenever I am left alone, when all are asleep, out i just think.of you. I think what you must be doing? When I see moon I think do you also see moon? When I wake up I think have you been woken up? Ahhh its killing. But i like to be left alone because i just think of you. I see you coming from a door towards me, smile on your face and sparkling eyes and how it flattered me. I pretend you sit next to me and I can smell you, i can still see each detail of your face, eyes, teeth, lips, folded sleeves, your neck, voice and warmth. What you would have talked about, hw yu would have loved and caressed my hair. How you would have asked me about my meals, and what should we do in the evening. Am all these pretentious thinking make me feel so happy and I jolt back to our old times. Ahhhh... i love this all. I know its not healthy it kills me and i feel alive. No am not into depression, am not crazy but my heart is in pain. Bad phase is still there and am Fighting everyday. No one is giving me vibes like you, no one is like you also i dnt want like you who will leave me alone and not stand by my side. Am glad you are not with me. Do you miss me?? I sometimes feel like ill get a msg from you. I strongly feel. Am waiting for your bday to see your pic your sis will put. How are things with you?? Dont you miss me bastard?? Am I alone ging through this pain??? You deserve this ain as well this all happened because of you, you know right?? Are you guilty or in your own ego??
Last time u you have forgiven me, but for what????
Hahahaha..... you do not deserve me but i wish u all good. Monkuuuuuu what have you done yaar.
God give me strength!