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2021-09-24 02:03:47 (UTC)

Lazy People, Plenty of work!

Thursday, ‎September ‎23, ‎2021

Old Mans Room For All to know

Finally weekend upon us Bikes & BBQ

This weekend is going to be a busy weekend, and the weather is permitting as well, with sunny days and in the low 70's without all that heat.
Took one of the roomers here to work, but he did leave in his own car, but close to going off the road. Came back to get a ride from me at five this morning. No problem as did notice that his tires were a bit slick, and not near-freezing weather but cold enough for a few areas to be icy. Told him he best get tires before the really icy weather starts, as well anti-freeze as things still freeze even if we don't get much snow any longer. When I first came up here now close to twenty years ago, the winters were real winters with frozen ice and snow and even cars handles were hard to open in some cases. Been missing those winters, but this year I am sure it will start again.
Besides, I drive like a 75-year-old and am sure he would prefer to drive himself after taking him to work as well as picking him up at three this afternoon. Said he needed to stop at the gas station to get smokes. But missed the first station as was talking to his brother as he rode with me to pick his brother up. Said best not to talk to me even if I talk to them as this old brain can't seem to do what it used to be able to do. Talk and drive. lol, Said don't worry as will go ahead to Pea Ridge as want to go to the Shell gas Station for meatloaf dinner. Talk about expensive and a slice of meat and potatoes and gravy for $9.75? No roll, no drink so that will be the last there at the same price at a restaurant and you get a dinner roll plus a drink and even a veggie or salad and soup. Some people have just too much money for everything today.
Hell, the coke was over two dollars even if get one at the Shell station where fast foods giving them at $1.00. Even went to Burger ing to get ten Rodeo Burgers as the last burger for a buck and sure that will go up in price.
Hershel was over this evening around 1800 hours or six Pm for others. Wanting to cut a tree or more down. Thought that he already did that, besides that even cut one that I didn't want to be taken in the front yard. But, learned he was wheeling and dealing as they sell the walnut work for cash. Plus he was drinking as the only time I normally see him, Except his old lady will probably kick him out, as she doesn't like him drinking. Can't blame her after all they have two kids to take care of. Drinking is one thing just to do it to get drunk is another.
One of the brothers that I rent the room to (two rooms) to knocked on my door and asked if they were not to do the trees if they were needed. I said yes, and what is wrong. After all, I was laying down. He said a few people were over here to cut some trees down. Anyway told my brother to tell everyone in the family, I am giving them a deal to rent here for them all in exchange to take care of the property better than the last couple did for seven years. These people have already cleaned up a seven-year mess, and I paid them to make that mess as can't get around to see how bad things were. My other kid said he was pissed when he read all that was said as well all the pictures were taken as to how they hid all the dirt, foodstuff under sofas, and behind the stove. Then when I saw the mess myself I warned them so they finally paying less rent than anyone in the area. $400.00 a month for two rooms also. One outside and one inside the house, but full use of the house for them all. Like the kitchen, stove, and things. They both have a restroom as well with one renter having to use the kemps/Johnson. But, still have a lot of work to do still. Still in process of cleaning and repairing Hershel's and Leslies and their kids' room and the food as well as dirt under carpets and not cleaned up. Just lift a rug and that's where the trash went. Since I had to go pick up one brother from his job, had also shown him where the mail is so when they want to check the mail if I want to drive to the locked mailboxes, They can ask as I sit outside in my van for hours at a time just to get fresh air and outside my cell that is my room. Not going anyplace this weekend because of all the bikers from all over the area and different states as this is always a big thing and I love going to them myself, but just way too old now to travel around. Know there will be a lot of drunk driving as well as wrecks happening this weekend. In fact, many people take Thursday off to make it a four-day weekend.
Guess James plans to come home in a week or so after he gets his fake teeth in and needs to call his probation officer. Told him his room is nice and clean, but I would see if Jr, will let you stay with him for a couple of weeks then rent his own one-bedroom because his brother will need a place soon as his old lady will probably be kicking him out and he will need a place to stay. As I said been lied to for seven years by his parents as well as his little brother and finally getting things cleaned up again. Besides, I will charge $350.00 a month for his room as that is what everyone pays here except, felt bad for his parents as they lied and said they won't have enough to live on at $500.00 a month, where it really was going to be $700.00 for the two rooms they have. But, even after paying them for work that never was done, I felt sorry, and even if they're lying as know they get hundreds in food stamps or snap. I can't even get that and I need it, only make t because I have to rent rooms. But, no drugs, and if drinking then in your own rooms as I don't want to hear all that drunken bullshit. But, your parents pay $200.00 a room, or $400.00 a month for two rooms and have a full house except for the pool room and Hershel's room is for the other two or four people as they really cleaning great and do work all the time as well as hold down a full-time job. They're also looking for a house and will not be here but a few months until they get on their feet. Ricky is good and worked at putting up tents for the Bikes & BBQ for this weekend and made $90.00 for four hours work, so he was happy. Almost $25.00 bucks an hour. There is work out there if people were not so lazy!

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