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2021-09-23 01:45:46 (UTC) scammers

‎Wednesday, ‎September ‎22, ‎2021

Mr. Jerry Brown, I have not received the order, plus if it was delivered as you stated, then where is the tracking number?  As the date I spoke to you was exactly the same date that you stated the package was sent. This is a lie, as no package was sent as the tracking number you gave was 9261299998944679229231, I called as well as checked that tracking number on the global tracker as well as postal service and UPS as well as Fed Ex with nothing shown. I also repeated that number supplied to me over the phone by your representable. I was also told that a refund was on its way and would be here by Thursday. Instead just another lie by a very dishonest scam company! Now, once again you stole my money from my account without asking or even warning that you would do this for paying for a free sample just to get my card number to bill five times more even. Plus the fact the stuff you sent that was free if I paid postage for was nothing but cheap clothes and useless as all hell. Now, when you stole my money by sending junk in the first place and then send nothing whatsoever. That is stealing as you well know. Nothing is stated in your ad after two weeks that you would steal my money if I did not cancel your junk package that was sent for Two dollars for my card number in order to get a so-called free sample of junk! Again, I will be sure to continue this until my refund is sent, but you are dishonest already as nothing was or has been sent. If it was then where is the proof so that I can contact the carrier that package has not arrived, or so that I can get a return label from you to return the cheap shit you passing off as adult diapers. In fact, send the return label now for this sample package as it's all here and never used and your welcome with that back as well! You made an offer of sending a return label for a said package sent, then locate said package as I don't have it and the carrier of my local mail service shows no packages delivered here even with any transit number! will be well known for the bullshit of scamming money and making it look as if you are able to get away with it because it is of little money and probably would cost more to take to court nowadays. Not to mention that if ever ended up in court, your owners of passing off this scam would end up in jail. My address is still 12543 Scenic Dr., Rogers, Arkansas 72756. As well phone number is 479-644-8389, If I lived in your state I would be down at your address every day until my money was returned by the police daily. My bank is still as of this date still waiting for a reply as to your side of the story. The bank will probably return my money as they are good at that as it is not worth their time to take you to court without many complaints and then they refuse to honor any requests from your scamming company. But, I assure you I am tired of rip-offs such as yourself. Someone needs to put a stop to shitty scammers such as yourself. If feel like I am not worth the trouble, then remember if I was you I would sue me for slaten as recking your business. But, you won't because your not a legit company for one, and it's junk that you're passing off as adult diapers. Plus you don't send anything whatsoever. Send a return label at my expense and I will return your sample in full with the six cotton threads you call sample diapers that are useless as well as the hand wipes. The address is above and you have it already, but just to make it easy for you. Expect a call many times daily until that refund is issued as told this morning as will be recorded each day from now on. 
Note: All World Wide Web Users: Their phone number is:  (855) 318-5318
(855) 234-3591
[email protected]
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Letter received today same as other two received by computer. No return phone number on this one.

Because Market Customer Care <[email protected]>
8:44 AM (9 hours ago)
to me

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out, this is Jerry from Because.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process a refund for you at this time because we did not receive notice of your cancellation prior to your shipment date.

Please let me know if I can do anything else to assist - I would be happy to help.

Because Customer Care