If I die today
2021-09-22 17:20:33 (UTC)

a day missed

So I missed a day my plans got shifted and then I was off track. So it was pretty much decided in my heart I had to pay this atty before the "bill" became overdo. Despite the injustice but irrocinaly they emailed me to say that they now have permissn to serve by publication that just happend yesterday so I figured I'd get on it and pay them just so this doesnt all fall thru since they actually are moving. So anyhow thats paid on time. Mom cashed her check today. spectrum bill just came to pay . Anyhow back to yesterday we had to run to the bank,atty and groceries and we stroped and I had a buzzball so the evening flew by. Tommorw starts group with yLindse so its from her church and leaders there we just partcipate togetherso I guess thats good it may be akward but maybe good. so Guess I will see. physciallynot to much noteable if i die well its just in the air who knows what. I am still desiring to loose weight I really really need a diet change gotta to get a grip where I can even if I just do bfast and lunch seperate from nDea;s mealchoices and the comprise on dinner. its been another longer day today too since nDea did get tires we went straight there after his work i'm pretty beat IDK why but just is life. we made shmrip tacos for dinner jsut finished eating. ok so any inentntions new or wild wisdom well right now I got nothin but I wish I had something to share or say but not soo much having any intention that are neww today

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