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me and my life
2021-09-22 15:00:06 (UTC)

And yet another rejection 😪

Yes, CG rejected me. I did a lot of struggle and gave assesment. The momemt i strted with the assesment my laptop stopped working. I was numb for few mins then i thought every possible way nobody had lappy to lend me finally i borrowed from neighbor kid, it was really tough but I did as much as I could but still it dint happen. I feel so sad and disappointed. I feel scared, demotivated and low on confidence. This can easily break me am losing out so much. This constant bad happenings is make me weak. And i dont know what to do. I really feel like crying, the sadness in my heart is painful.
From everywhere am just receiving bad luck. G ditched me without giving me a valid reason, he is not imp part of my life nor he was my boyfriend, but still such behavior with me makes me feel sad, I asked him for the reason and he ignored, he didnt bother to answer i don't know how people are made like this. I have no expectations from R as well. This is really scaring me. What if no good thing happens in my life, what if ill be like this forever?? Am so fucking upset, I even have nobody to talk to.. ppl just come talk when they want and walk off as per their wish. V did the same. I still don't know what was he thinking when he did not call me for 3 months i really dont deserve this i really don't. Am trying to be strong everyday but only I know how broken I'm. I want to feel wanted by someone, loved and understood by someone. And i have no fucking idea how long will this go. Every damn thing i try to do is just vain one after another. What it could be?? Why?? Why with me? And if V can be like this then anyone can do anything i just no more trust the mankind.
God please help me. 🙏
I got myself a dark chocolate, for tomorrow i have a plan. Ill have bf then ill step out. Ill drive to temple, then fill some air and petrol in the car, and go to reliance digi or chroma will chk good lappy. I really do not want to spend on lappy but am helpless. Lets see... cya diary.
Sometimes I wish I could go in the future and read the entries haha ill find for the entry which will have a good newsss... phewww. Final cyaaa. Am strong amd everything will be fine soooooooonnn.
I wonder does anyone read my diary?