The Covid Diaries
2021-09-21 15:04:34 (UTC)

Surprise Suprise

Tell me why M trying to talk to me now. He talked to me yesterday and today in the elevator but the i saw him talking to the girl J and whispering in her ear probably something nasty and they started laughing.


I just can't take it anymore and then I overheard their conversation about going to David Buster and everything.

Why does he get to treat me like shit and treat everyone else so nicely?

Because he think he can get away with anything when he's with me I don't think so and he looked directly at me when he did all of that stuff too. He really doesn't care about how I feel or feeling sad at all. Its getting hard to get over him when I work with him everyday.

I just block him out with my music and headphones.

I'm an emotional wreck and I have a boyfriend. Weird to say that again but I do and he likes me. I think. He says he does so... Why am I procrastinating ?

I like him. I hope I see him again before he heads off back to college. His test came back negative thank goodness.

Hopefully, I'll be able to go to the fair with him and see him around my birthday. Also, Q asked me to the fair but I just told him that I might have to work that weekend which is true but also I want to go with my boyfriend to the fair.

Sorry, Q you had your chance.

Me and my boyfriend been texting all day I even told him how I feel and he didn't even judge me for it.

I don't ever get that in a relationship.

I also cried today because I'm a BIG crybaby who's about to turn 23 in 14 days and I still don't have my license but I will at least get my permit you can at least count on that. I'm just scared to take the written part of the test and fail again. I've been studying somewhat but I'm gonna study today and tomorrow and I'm gonna take it Thursday morning and not think on the negative off how I won't pass the written and driving test but I will focus on the POSOTIVE and pass the written part of the test. My permit test.


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