The Real Me
2021-09-22 01:24:49 (UTC)

My little Narc Brain

Im here because Im drunk and I cant talk to anyone else because then they would know....that Im drunk and thats not good for me politically or for my image. I know right....anyways.


emotionally Mateo and I are doing good.
Friends wise- what freinds bruv? lol.... yeah friends ite, nothing terribly shit here, nobody has betrayed me to my core yet.
Family- what fucking family. Still the same stat, I need to meet them, which I fucking will and berate them, My sad existence is basically surrounded by the idea that I am going to get famous, yes that's the idea. Ideally, Kim K famous, if not I will settle for mediocre fame of some sort maybe for some ethically vegan cause, whatever anyway get there in the end and then call out my family on social media. The dream, I know right.