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2021-09-21 23:08:31 (UTC)

unconstitutional vaccine

None of these measures, though, require or anticipate the enforcement services of the Benton County sheriff, or the sheriff of any county in Arkansas.

All across the country, though, sheriffs have seized the opportunity to put out "stand your ground"-style press releases to assure the voters -- uh, we mean residents -- that they have nothing to worry about in terms of SWAT teams and helicopters swooping across their jurisdictions armed with syringes.

In Benton County, Sheriff Holloway recently declared in a press release that he "will not be enforcing these unconstitutional vaccine mandates on our great citizens of Benton County to steal their freedom of choice." His comments teetered too close to a call to "stop the steal," except there's no steel in this case for the sheriff to stop.

Perhaps no politician -- and in this case, Holloway was being far more politician than sheriff -- can pass up the opportunity to draw a line in the dirt and get all bowed up about defending it when he knows nobody's planning to cross it anyway.

Now, the sheriff is indeed an employer and a chief administrator, so Holloway's announcement that he planned no mandate for the county employees who report to him is well within his responsibilities. But the idea that the sheriff is the only one who stands between an overreaching federal government and the people of Benton County is grandstanding.

He's not standing up to Joe Biden. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration may find some business (that remains to be seen), but it won't be dialing 9-1-1 so that the sheriff can go on patrol and start arresting people who won't get the shot.

So why did Holloway protest something he wasn't being asked to do? This newspaper reported that within six hours of Holloway posting his comments on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page, more than 700 comments had been made. Most supported the sheriff. Conjuring up a ruckus with defiant-sounding declarations may work politically, but they're disingenuous.

Holloway is darned right he won't be enforcing a vaccine mandate, but it's because nobody's asking him to.

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