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2021-09-20 15:18:12 (UTC)

Finding My Style


I don't really know how to start this off but recently I've discovered the world of finding your own style. I think it all started in... July, it wasn't really when it started but that's when I first went into Hot Topic. It was Riley's birthday and I got her a shirt for her favorite anime. While I was in there I saw a few shirts for bands and shows I liked. A week or two later we were going back to school clothes shopping and we went back in there and I got a few shirts. I can just imagine what me from even just a year ago would think of me now -- going to Hot Topic and GOD FORBID buying a *gasp* anime shirt!?!? -- I was so judgemental. Not even, I was just trying to fit in with my friends. I always thought Hot Topic was strictly for goths and weebs but look where I am now. The jokes on me cause now I'm a Hot Topic kid. Anyways, I went back the next week... then the next week... and again the next for like a month and a half straight. While back to school shopping I also got these cool vans that had a rainbow checkered print on them as well as my Bobs which are slip-ons covered in cartoon cats. Its a collaboration between Sketchers and Petco. The only bad thing is that I stepped in tar with my rainbow shoes and I've been waiting for my dad to clean them for at least a month now.

After that died down a bit I rediscovered decora kei and stayed up till 3 AM making colorful homemade bracelets and rings. I felt like a five-year-old but I forced myself to wear them to Haileys (my little sister) soccer game. I felt good... And like a five-year-old. But a happy five-year-old. Then I wore them to school and it was nice but I was so scared of what everyone I would think that I just kept repeating to everyone how much I looked like a five-year-old and how stupid the bracelets were. After that anxiety-filled day I stopped wearing them for a while but eventually, I got comfortable with them again and would wear them around the house or to a store. While I was at the store, me and my mom were walking through the makeup aisle and this shelf with colorful sparkly eye pencils caught my eye. After grabbing everything else we came back to it and I picked out a pink one and a green one. I wore them to school for around a week then my mom got me a yellow and blue one along with this palette of eye shadow with all those colors plus silver. I love them they're so fun!

Then just a week ago I got my haircut into a fohawk. I have no clue why the hell I did this or why I thought it was a good idea but I don't regret it whatsoever so I guess it was the right call. In all honesty, I look like a toddler who woke up with bedhead and got into their parents makeup but you know what? I don't (really) care. I like my bracelets and eye pencil and Hot Topic. Yeah me from a year ago would probably commit suicide if she saw me right now but whatever. I'm happy so who gives a shit. I've gotta go now. Buh Byeeeeee!

~ Gentleman