Lost for words at times
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2021-09-20 17:16:40 (UTC)

12th Entry

Mood - indecisive atm

Well yesterday was kind of odd as l went out by myself rather than having him in tow. Miss him, obviously.. when l got home l proceeded to eat everything in sight that was able to eat then went into a sugar coma! Jumps on scales this morning if they could talk i'm sure they would of politely told me to get off fast!
He has texted a few times since sunday. I never actually answered him until late this afternoon, cos how did he want me to answer when he was asking if l was ok.. my answer would of just escalated everything. l honestly believe he thinks he has done nothing wrong. I'm about to get ready for night 1 of 3 night shifts l do. Can't wait tbh atleast l will have someone to talk to.

When you try and make things better for other people you may make things worse for yourself. A little self sacrifice is noble, but depriving yourself of too much will only leave you feeling depleted. By that time most people won't even realise that you need anything, because you're the one that is always giving. Take care of yourself. Self preservation isn't selfish, it's essential for living a full and happy life.

My song for today
Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall

Take care of you x

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