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2021-09-19 22:38:13 (UTC)

One Ball Delicacy

Christ! Has mama lioness got to do every-bloody-thing around here? Not only am I enjoying splattering pieces of suicide bombing zombies on my PS4 game but, yep, I’ve got to sort out wanky little cunts in the real world too!

This relates to my baby lioness, my teenage daughter who decided against continuing her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Now, she hasn’t told her dad or his partner because her dad (my ex husband) has zilcho emotions but a shit ton of anger inside, lol. Now, my daughter comes to mama lioness for eveeeeeeerything! Including emotional support, (that both parents should be doing) and financial support (that both parents should be doing) and everything else above, below and in between, she comes to me. It’s not a burden to me at all, I’m her mama after all, thats what I am here for but I am fiercely protective of her too, as any mama lioness should be.

When she arrived home from her dads earlier, she come into the living room with a bee in her bonnet and proceeded to tell me what happened this weekend. When her ex-boyfriend (who has now turned to drugs, selling drugs and drinking since my daughter split from him - he is only 15) so he and his mates called her unsolicited from a field where they got drunk, one asked her, “How did you two really split up?” And because my daughter is more mature then their little pinkies, she replied, “Well, we had our differences.” To which, another of her ex-boyfriends friends shouted down the phone, “Who thinks she is a cunt?” this kid is a fat spotty wanker, and I would just love to purge the fuck right out of him. Well, they all said, “Meeeee!” Including her ex-boyfriend.

Oh, my god! My blood boiled when my daughter told me this. Those scrawny little fuckwits calling her unsolicited and taunting her like that. Now I cant very well, message those losers, as I am an adult and they’re spotty little cunts. And I not have all their chavvy mothers numbers, except one. The ex-boyfriends mother. I thought on it a little, and I noticed my violence was rising in my zombie game, LMAO and I thought, her dad can’t/won’t do or say anything because he doesn’t even know they’re split up. So as usual its down to me, so I text the little cunts mother, she was laid in bed with a migraine but politely i told her what happened and I won’t accept that SHIT happening to my daughter, so have a word with her little cunt and make sure it doesn’t happen again. In so many words, lol. She said, she will have a word with scrawny little cunt tomorrow, but no apology to me or my daughter!!!

That’s what you get when your daughter dates a chav from shitsville. Glad she dumped him, LMAO.

On a lighter note,
Mr (V)anilla has been underwhelming me even more today. My god, I never came across someone so incurably dull and boring in my life ever before. I seem to usually attract the fiery guys or the depraved. Either way, they’re fun and interesting, LMAO, but this guy, oh my fucking days! I actually find myself grinding my back teeth when I read his ultra cringy, mr nice guy act. He just sucks up my cunty one line uninterested replies. It’s quite alarming. I reckon, I would literally gorge out my eyeballs and chew on them if I spent any time in person with this guy. He thinks we’re meeting up in the week, he said, he will skive off work to meet me…..No, mate. Not happening, nada, nope.

Tim-nice-but-not-dim, has been texting away….every morning I get three “Good morning” texts from him, Mr (V)anilla and Simon. I’ve not responded to thinks-he’s-a-sex-god-simon for a couple of days because he is a pointless. LOL. If I want casual fucks, they’re ten to the penny. I don’t want casual fucks and if I decide to have a casual fuck it would only be on the premise that I have gauged the fuckee, and determined they’re likely to be a decent shag. I reckon he is a standard dating site fuckeroo, which I am not interested in.

Anyhoo, Tim-nice-but-not-dim has been keeping up conversation. Making lots of effort (they always do at this stage, it’s pathetic) and doing the usual of showing interest where you just know he isn’t interested but remarkably he is, because he is thinking up lots of others things regarding ‘us’ and wants to progress with me. Smh, all silly bollocks if you ask me. However, he is a definite fuckee, who will offer the goodies quite readily. He fancies me a lot, funnily more for my personality/character. Yeah, yeah, we shall see, cowboy. Let’s see how you feel when I wrap my lasso around you and eat you alive. LOL….

Phil text me today, and I am still a little irritated by his whimsical dreaming and spedning what he hasn’t already earned. He said things are getting serious the last couple of days and he is struggling. So I asked, “What’s the problem?” And he said he has terrible body aches, stomach pains, itchy eyes and he is drinking fluid excessively. I shook my head at my phone, because its another case of him not looking after himself properly, including his whimsical nature with money and responsibilities. I replied telling him, he needs to eat better, veggies, fruit, nuts protein and walk, swim, anything to move his body and get the circulation moving better. He said he did yesterday he ate, steak, potato and soup. I said, thats all carbs and processed shit, you need the good stuff and give his body the help it needs. He said he tries to eat the stuff I mentioned. I said, trying isn’t enough, you need to be eating this things daily, not once in a blue moon! He went quiet on me.

Let him get on with it. If you can’t help yourself don’t come to me for help, not interested. It’s pointless.

I’ve not been on the dating site again today, not that bothered to see what people messaged me. I’m getting notifications but I am already chatting to Tim-nice-but-not-dim (lets forget “Mr (V)anilla” and “Simon-says”) for now and I don’t want to get involved with others or set up other dates right now. I’m quite content still doing my thing, in between chatting to Tim-nice-but-not-dim.

He sent me a photo earlier, of him naked from the shower, but from one ball down, so I could see his chicken legs and the bottom of one ball. LOL…..Oh my dear, God….You didn’t think the man thing through to well did you?

Over and Out…..Ciao xx