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2021-09-19 18:27:47 (UTC)

Must reduce weight.

I have been working out for about 2 weeks now.
I'm definitely not the type to search about workouts and weight loss stuff on YouTube but I noticed something that made me do so.

There's this beautiful blouse and skirt that I absolutely love. It's made of pure silk and is very costly. I had to save up money for almost 2years to be able to afford it. I use this dress only when I'm visiting some major temples.
And now it doesn't fit me.
It made me so sad. There's no way I can buy a new one like this. The material is so costly and the stitching was done by an old auntie that I really loved. She passed away few years ago. I remember how much effort she'd put into making this perfect for me.
There's no way I can let go of this dress.
So I decided to lose weight asap.
I started a calorie deficit diet. I still eat all the food I usually eat, I just reduced the portions. I heard that dieting is tough but I feel that's easier... Maybe because I rarely ever eat processed food. I only eat them on special occasions- like birthdays or some major festivals or if I'm a guest at someone's house.
But there was this one thing which was difficult to give up... my daily tea.

For exercise I dance for about an hour everyday and also jump rope. I have target of 1000 jumps(which took me 30min at first few days but now within two week I could do it in 15min)
I don't have a weighing machine. Will have to buy one. But I have a measuring tape and I noticed that I've already reduced an inch from all over my body! Yayyy!

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