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2042-09-05 00:37:00 (UTC)

Team Georgia Bulldogs: Week 3

Team Georgia Bulldogs: Camila Redona, Rolando Redona, Hector S (2016), Sammy M, Ashley Marie B, Isela Lopez, Isabel Martinez (EHS), Jorge T, Paulina Brenda, Bibiana R, Emilio Sal and Kim Soledad. (Set Ready, Quarterback: Ashley Marie B)
Week 3 Highlights:
Clip: Emilio Sal making pancakes for the other Bulldogs Roommates:
Clip: Team Georgia Bulldogs recieved a Week 3 Football Playing for the Gamecocks Season:
Clip: Paulina Brenda got fouled for the first half:
Clip: Camila recieved a touchdown pass at the 2nd half:
Clip: Team Georgia Timeout 2nd Half:
Clip: Sammy M is having a phone call with her friend:
Clip: Camila and Bibiana R are dancing LMFAO's Shots at the Halftime:

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