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2021-09-18 23:27:38 (UTC)

(V)anilla Puke

Mr (V)anilla: “Oh, so your fighting zombies again. Are you winning?”
Me: “Have been, yes but I’ve turned it off now.”
Mr (V)anilla: “Good girl. Now you win a prize.”
Me: “Aye? What are you on about? What do I win? And what’s the “good girl” all about?”

(Annoys the fuck out of me when a guy say’s “Good girl” to me. As if he is superior to me. Fuck off, chump, you don’t dictate to me what I do in my spare time in my home)

Mr (V)anilla: “Good girl, for coming off the game. And, lol, your prize is a cuppa coffee.”
Me: “WTF? Tell me, do you like your face?”
Mr (V)anilla: “Yes, why?”
Me: “Because I’d love to give you a (sur)prize, by arranging your facial features.”
Mr (V)anilla: “Oh!, Haha, I reckon that would be better than coffee.”
Me: “Waaaaaaaaay better. Gotta go!”

Some people are single cause they meet dickheads, some are single because they like it that way. Some are single because they love shagging different people BUT some people are just hopelessly fucking deranged. LOL

If only I could teleport him into my zombie game….oh, baby I’d fuck you up so bad!
Just hopeless, smh

On a more encouraging note, all hope is not lost in the world of men vs women philandering antics. Mhm, Tim-nice-but-not-dim has ventured further into my text box from morning, afternoon and all evening and was left to his ‘devices’ a short while ago on a high note, LMAO…..No, I did not flash him photos of my boobage, dairy aire or vag. Instead I wowed him with the other bits women have, you know seeping brain prowess of femininity that mama lioness is top dollar at with seducing without flashing the flesh. Well, he wants in….lol…..and he keeps talking in pretense that we’re going to be a couple.

Oh, for god’s sake…here we go again. Is this a man thing? You all say the same shite. And ladies if the man who says, “I haven’t got a type.”…..RUN…..The meaning behind this means, he will fuck anyone, he only wants to fuck. LOL
Tim-nice-but-not-dim, didn’t say this but I am just putting that out there.

Phil my pal, has a huge downfall with money management, it’s annoying me a little now to, because he keeps imagining up these things he wants, then getting everything on tick (loan) and paying little bits every week back…I told him, why don’t you just earn the money first, then save what you would’ve spent loaning it each week and just bloody by it outright without all the interest on top! But Phil, can’t manage his finances, its why he is a truck driver, he has no home, not even rented accommodation. He pays for only two of his five children and wankers away all his earnings every week on food fit for a heart attack and whimsical man toys that he always ends up selling on the cheap because he has no money left after paying all his loans, unhealthy lifestyle and more shite.

I don’t go into one too much on his case and in the end, its not my life is it. Let him get on with it, people live how they want to live and the end of the day. If that’s his bag, let him get on with it but he will never have any decent amounts of money to fall back on or lean on if he keeps doing thing this way.

Again, it is what it is.

Right, time for sleep. Ciaozers! Xx