Do I have no more emotion
2021-09-18 22:15:21 (UTC)

You’re not listening

When you agreed to try for another baby, and said that you want to be involved and help out. I believed you, I seen it for the first few months. Now he’s half way to being a year old and you seem to fall back and not want to help. I’ve been having lack of sleep as you snore away in bed. I get up early in the morning to dress him and feed him if he’s hungry, while you are at the gym well rested. I make sure our teen kid is also getting ready for school and or feed, while you’re in the gym. I’m awake, and I’m tired! I tell you every day that I didn’t get a good sleep and all you say “ oh I’m sorry, go back to sleep”
HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO BACK TO SLEEP, if I had to wake up to make sure the baby is ready to go and our teen is ready to go so when you get back from your gym you can take them. To have one day to sleep in and not worry if the kids are ok to go, would be amazing! Oh, wait I did that and you were upset! You said “ next time wake up on time”!! Like what the heck do you think, I stay up all night to drink and hangout?’ No I don’t! Then today, I was sooo tired and told you that I’ve not been sleeping well and I’m going to need you to take over from now on for today. You said “ ok, I’ll take over” “ you just relax”. You couldn’t even do that! The minute he started getting fussy at the restaurant you said” he wants you” “ here” “ take him for a moment “ like wtf! We literally just talked about me waiting you to take over. Of course I took him because I’m not going to have this discussion in public or have my son because fussy . I waited until we going into the car and then that’s where I addressed it! Now you’re saying I’m calling you a bad dad, and now you’re saying I’m making you feel bad!! No sir you did this to yourself!

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