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2021-09-18 22:03:36 (UTC)


Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they shouldnt have to always ask their spouse whether or not its okay to watch your own nieces and nephews that are being take cared of by their grandparents and they asked for a couple of hours to go out drinking and they dont even come over that often due to your spouse already not wanting them over most of the time cause they can be a handful???

I just got into a big argument with her about them coming over cause i wanted to help out and give my parents a break which we already dont do that often. I dont understand why i need to ask for permission to have them over for a bit. they already dont come over that often let alone just themselves, usually with my parents.

She wants me to run it by her everytime and i dont think i need to. im a grown ass adult i dont need to ask permission for them to come over its my house too. most of the time i run it by her because i know it bothers her more than me but if i feel like this time i dont want to then i shouldnt need to.

now shes just in our bedroom all salty and probably sleeping the rest of the day away which by all means i dont care. its the principle of it. i shouldnt need to ask if its okay every single time. im just here hanging out with my niece and nephew and enjoying the rest of day. im not going to let her negative energy rub off on me.

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