If I die today
2021-09-18 08:36:34 (UTC)


Dear mom,
I hope you never have to read this in my passing but you never know in this world. Life is crazy.Parents we'rent ment to witness thier childrens death. Starting there please know that I've made great progress in my life and I'm out of darkness my whole life wasnt in vain. While theres moments I know what attudides mindsets and lifestyles I have came out of and frowning on society and the way of the world I would glady still take my life who I am today over who I was 10,7, 5 years ago. I'm a work in progress.
Anyhow I'm proud of you for retiring. Please embrass your marrigage . Be a housewife its the best thing a woman can be. Be encouraged. Pour into the world. your worklife was not in vain I dont know why it consumed so much. Years of the work youve done have robbed you of a lot. Its also been a blessing in some ways its give and take but my hope for you is that now your out of the carreer path and workforce. While I'm not opposed toyou working part time and I wouldnt hate or despise or be ashamed if you returned theres so much oppruinty here and in a feminist world we need more females. Break the chains live as a woman wholey. I guess that was a weird tangent. Anyhow I love you and you're forgiven by me for the past. Its so vague that its hard to reallyreally pinpoint the problems anyway. I do have some worries concerns about your religon and I pray on them. Ultimaly thou you have to workout your salvation and God sees the heart. So right now i cant say much on it other than that. We all have freewill and choices to make you are free to make yours. When something is good I hope I have shared with you what is profitable.
Thank you for being a support in my life you've provided things physically, mentally emotionaly. Its a beatufil thing that we have time and have been able to see healing in this lifetime from the past both of us and well the family in ways people are healing relationships are progressing. Its not over but we've had the gift of overcomeing some things we've been thru.
I dont own muh or have muchbut I woud like to repay your loan. i want nDea to be accpeted by you and likewise you him. I'm not sure if i pass what the connection would be. Right now please know he is my family and if anything happens with me I would like him to be in charge. My deisre for you is joy peace happieness and purpose inention in life that you would know this is not in vain so keep going make a diffrencce. I love you

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