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Through the Looking-Glass
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2021-09-17 22:18:06 (UTC)

Fire in the Hole

Fire in the hole people!! Fire in the hole!!! Zombie brains are everywhere!! RUN!!! I’ll sort this bunch of wobbly heads :P
Well, I don’t think it’s only my grenades in my PS4 zombie smashin’ the fuckery-outta-brains game that has a fire in its hole, LMAO…..that most certainly could equate to my vagina also :)) It’s such a mischievous little fucker.

Let’s hope my writing here is less of a disaster as my incurable typos texting this evening. It’s bad enough when my brain thinks quicker than my typing fingies but when I am enthralled by a new zombie bashing PS4 game at the same time, my fingies go that much faster to hurry-the-fuck-up-texting and get back to my mutilation of zombies.

Tim-nice-but-not-dim has ever so slightly put me off with some very cleverly placed sexual innuendos sporadically throughout the day today. Now, I am partial to little rough ‘n’ tumble as the world is well aware, LOL…and my uninhibited nature gives no-fucks when they want to take on the world, lmao, or rather a tasty bit of man meat. I just flow with my glow, and grasp (lol) the moment and ride that rollercoaster till my brain goes fuzzy and my thighs tremble……BUT…….The build up matters, and its not just about creating a build up of sexual tension through chemistry (if there is any) it’s also about the way in which it is created. Some underhanded innuendos is just cheap and crass and effortless, and that kinda lays the foundation of the level of their fuckeroo in the sheets. Ya know like, “Wham-bam, have some ham, Ma’am” instead of pure beef, you get a sloppy bit of processed ham….and sometimes spam…oh, god forbid! LOL….I shall pray to Jesus, so that doesn’t happen :))

Anyhoo, it’s all a little bit about “Watch this space” right now, engage and gauge, not literally, bloody hell but use this weekend, next week to find out the dirt on this little treacle, Tim-nice-but-not-dim. These dudes keep commenting on my looks and bypassing my sexy little brains, my light-heartedness and don’t even bother trying to find out, “Who the jolly-hockey-sticks, is this lovely lady? I will certainly enjoy getting to know her before my tongue finds it’s way in her peachy rump!” Ya, know? Something like that, PMSL. So, the timer is on and well, I already know if I don’t want to date him more, he would certainly be holding his finger up in the air waiting for Miss, to come and enjoy him. Hahaha….No, he isn’t a submissive man, far from it. However, Captain (A)ngry was submissive to me, in that despite him being very masculine and full of Braun he liked being told by a woman, directed, due to his mother beating the crap out of him for years as a young lad. His mother took her anger out on him when his dad died in the Navy.

Soooooo, Simon has been apologizing again lol, more fuck-ups and then trying to convince me he is a gentleman, genuine and kind. PAH! Okay, sweetcheeks, you keep banging those drums but I hear nothing. Smh…. just silliness!

Mr (V)anilla, is still holding on for dear life, LMAO….I get more excitement watching the encrusted dead maggots inside my wheelie bin getting eaten by the spider that has a cushty little home around my wheelie-bin lid, than soaking up the brain-fog Mr V, leaves me with, its just so tragic BUT he is a nice guy, super lovely and if it wasn’t for the fact his sexy good looks confused me with his 90 year old personality, I’d likely of made a polite, see-you-the-fuck-laters-tator.

It is what it is……

Popped on the dating site earlier, thought probably best to log back off, lol…and that was that.
Phil has handed his trusty pooch, “Dingo” over to his son to look after in a proper homely setting, rather than on his ginormous American truck. Smart move, Phillip-de-flop….He is going to train up other truckers now and earn some bang from it so they can get their trucking licenses.

And I need to get my hiking boots on and get out in the great outdoors tomorrow and stretch my bruised leg and inside car door burn on my knee, from my tension fucking last weekend, lol. Then get bang-into more zombie terminator mode….good practice most likely seen as Amazon and the CDC website seem to think we’re going to have a zombie apocalypse…..Oh, just bring it fuckin’ on!!! I’m well up for some real purging! If only I could make a list and manifest those muppets right in front me, drooling shit from their mouths where their arseholes got rammed with a wooden stake…..I fancy a machete, a bow with explosive arrows and a machine gun…might as well chuck in a mortar gun too.


Ciao! Xxx