My Boring Ass Life
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2021-09-17 14:20:09 (UTC)

Been awhile, Update

It's been awhile, the mental breakdown a had awhile ago was tough but I got through it and I'm still alive. I ended up cutting, and it felt really good however, now I feel so guilty about it. It's been while since I've cut myself, usually I just scratch my skin off, but I guess this time it wasn't enough. :(

I'm disappointed in myself, will I ever stop self-harming?

School is just so much for me lately. Everyone is better than me, more productive, and they all have cooler lives too. And I just don't have the same values as my classmates. Like for example, this one girl from my class mentioned in the group chat how her friend's camera was on while she was changing during a zoom class, and she shared a video of it too??!!? I didn't click it the video so I can't confirm, but that is so disrespectful of her!!! Even if her 'friend' was 'okay' with you sharing it, and still don't think you should do it, nevertheless to a bunch of random classmates. And no one said anything in the groupchat, just "lol that is soooo funny". Disgusting.

But anyways, life has been tough as of late. I feel like I have no one to talk to. My friends are all busy now, doing school, homework, and with their daily problems, and I'm busy too. I just feel so lonely, I used to have like 2 hour long text conversations with people, but now I barely even talk with my friends for 5 mins without them saying 'I have to go now'. I know I'm being unreasonable but I am so lonely, and school is so tough!!! I have so much assignments and I feel so overburdened.

I'm so lonely.

Okay bye I have to work on my 1,000,000 assignments. :(