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I Hate Middle School
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2021-09-16 19:32:45 (UTC)

The Messages

If this doesn't make sense to you, go read my last two entries. Sorry for bad grammar, this is word for word their conversation so it's their fault, not mine B). Keep in mind, we're in 7th grade so this dramatic shit is coming from three little kids whose longest relationship lasted like a month or two. Sorry for how much cringing you're about to dooooooooo.
A = Aiden
K = Kiarra
I = Issac
() = notes from me


A< then why didn't you date me
i was practically begging for you too

K< Because I knew I would've got bored easily

A< so then why didn't you let us enjoy the time we had
i didn't know love was on a time limit

K< Sucks to suck

A< bet it sucks treating people like they have an expiration date

K< Not rlly
Ayeee you've met the true me

A< i wish i never met you in the forst place

K< I-

A< at least the true me knows other people have emotions.

K< Oh no I know that

A< maybe thats why you dont know how to make friends, but what can i say, sucks to suck.

K< That's why I don't want to

A< why you don't want to what?

K< Make friends :))

A< because you don't know how to understand other people's emotions

K< Depends on who you are

A< oh so you don't care about me mine but you care about ivan's

( I think by Ivan he means Issac but I could be wrong )

K< it's not like that.

A< you make it feel like it's like that.

K< I know I'm sorry, I won't talk to you anymore if that's what make you happy

A< all that would do is prove you don't care.

( You might want to sit down for this. This is word for word what he said, slanted letters and all. Remember we're in 7th grade, 12 and 13 )

A< if its so easy for you to forget about me and walk away like nothing happened, then you didn't care about me, you never 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘥
me, you 𝘭𝘶𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘥 me, it was a brief thought of attraction that went away like smoke, love is caring and knowing the person you want to be with, and since you only liked me for 2 weeks, you never loved or cared, you only had an infatuation.

( Haha, that was a lot to take in right? When a girl rejects you so you write her a poem X'D)


A< i already know what you came to talk about and yes im better than ever

(rude much)

I< :/

A< i didnt know shed go arounf and tell everyone what happened already
but i meant everything i said, if her pride comes from being an asshole, then i want nothing to do with her
and honestly, once i called her out for she wore her attitude like a badge of honnor
thats why she das no friends, she wears her scummy behavior like a medal

I< Yeaa
listen we all have our flaws

A< but she puts herself on a throne because of a fixable flaw

I< No
Listen you cant just look at the bad in Kiarra
She didnt wanna say no becasue she would feel bad

A< its not a dissorder like ADHD, she constitently said that i dont wanna know the "real her" which i found out wan an asshole
and all she did was show me she's two faced, like a coin

I< ok listen
She does not wanna be like that
Trust me on that

A< then why doesnt she stop
why doesnt

I< Ok

A< if its too much an issue for her to not be two faced why doesnt she get a counselor or therapist

( I have to agree with Issac on this one. W h a t . )

I< Dont you think we all have a bad side

A< no

I< Listen
i do
But i was just like kiarra is now
she does not wanna be rudeto you like that she cant help it

A< i think people are the way they are, they aren't by the time of day, they're either an asshole, not an asshole, or in between, and she my friend, is a two faced asshole that dosent see people as beings with emotions and rather playthings that get boring

( Go off I guess. Dramatic little bitches :/ )

I< ok no your wrong
The bad side of me ruins people
But the good side is just good yknow
Kiarra is the same way

I< you gotta understand that

A< i