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2021-09-16 22:57:14 (UTC)

Space Cadet Brings Grilled Cheese Back

Dr. Wood LXX

[WARNING: pretty major Little Women and subtle Clannad spoilers ahead]

My last entry was so long I spent nearly a whole week without another one. Which isn’t that long really, but by the standards of diary-writing I’ve been having lately it kinda seems like I was slackin’. It’s been quite a dynamic shift ever since I finished playing Maitetsu. I ended up writing a lengthy review on it for Steam, and now it’s been about a week since I played. My new addiction has been playing Splitgate with friends from The Friends Club as well as with my stepbrother! So far, my brother Jack and I have been doing calls and playing together on that game – he quickly got really good at it! I’m actually a bit envious since I put in a lot more time and am still consistently doing worse than him score-wise, though of course he’s humble about it. I realize I don’t write a lot about Jack in my diary (usually it’s Eric who gets the brunt of my familial commentary), but he’s awesome to hang out with. I often detested him when we were growing up but such is adolescent life (I mean I always loved him as a brother – we just didn’t always get along at times, I always felt he was my stepmom’s favorite during my childhood days). He’s super chill though and we get along great now, even if we don’t talk with each other a lot (though that’s kinda changed now that we’re playing FPS games together!)

I finished my last panel interview today (which had gotten postponed from two days ago) for the underwriting position, which I think went well. It seemed pretty relaxed and didn’t take too long, so that was nice. Now I’m officially done with interviews and have to leave my fate up to the company. I’ve done everything I could to market myself – it’s out of my hands now. I think I interviewed decently, and I know I’ve got the skills to back up my talk. But if there are candidates out there who have more promising potential than me, well, then it’s a wrap. It won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get the job, though. I can continue my comfortable life as a rating analyst otherwise. Oh – some shocking news today: I found out that the sales rep that I’ve been most closely working with for the past four years is officially resigning from the company. I don’t know when his last day will be, but I would imagine pretty soon. It’s been a heck of a journey working with him – quite a few challenges along the way, but I did have a good rapport with him. Holy cow, I just realized that with him gone, there will be only one OG sales rep left in my sales office since joining the team. My, how things change.

So, uh, this is the first week of 10 hours of overtime this year, right? Yeah that sounds right. I’m still skipping out on Wednesday fellowship meetings with the church, which has honestly been nice since I’m just feeling more and more disconnected with it. I’m thinking while I’m still using overtime as a cover for not attending, I should formally excuse myself from it forever. I feel like at this point I’m just kinda living a lie when I take part in it. Now, with certain meetings being in person again, I’m REALLY not wanting to get up early for something I don’t really want in my heart to do. I did get invited to a new monthly/biweekly hangout taking place Sunday afternoons, and while I declined the one for last weekend, I ended up caving in and committing to one for the next weekend (not the upcoming one but the next). Basically, the individual who’s been coordinating the meetings let me know about the next time they’d be having the hangout, and then asked how he could get me the newest book that the group is reading. I felt bad because I didn’t intend for the group to order a book for me, seeing as I’m not attending meetings, but I also never actually said not to, and for all they know I could be following along regardless. And I really don’t want him to have to mail or courier it to me, so I think the best way to accept the book is to do so at the next hangout. So that chain of events spurred me to reluctantly opt to partake in the new Sunday gatherings. Yeah, I don’t really want to. The people are incredibly nice, and the one who reached out to me is super duper friendly and chill. I think he’d be understanding if I was forthcoming about not wanting to be a part of the group any more. But I don’t have the balls for that. I’ve been associated with that church since I dated Amy… which was like six years ago or something. I personally don’t mind letting go of that – I really don’t bear much sentimental value towards it. But I can’t shake the feeling of possibly letting people down, and through means of suddenly up and leaving. Guhhh it’s tough. I mean, it’s really not tough to do, but I make it tough.

Fortunately, that’s all something to deal with in two weeks, not one. And this weekend, I’m planning on pampering myself. I’ve switched back to doing one post every two days for my FB page, so now I’m a bit more relaxed in that regard… meaning I don’t have to worry about doing work on that this weekend. I’m also almost done drawing anime character faces for the birthday of the next person in The Friends Club, although that’s not really something I consider to be work in the first place anyway. Outside of that… I just have laundry to do on Saturday and it’ll be mainly workfree! Which means I’d better play lots of games and savor the time off. I’m planning on cooking some gourmet grilled cheese as a Friday dinner – I did that earlier this week for the first time in a while, and it was met with exquisite pleasure. For a while I had stopped making the rich-people grilled cheese sandwiches because I was dookie at storing my cheese, and it would go bad easily. But not I’m more informed and just generally cooler than my past self, so I’ve decided to take it on again. Also, I’ve kinda settled into the habit of once every few Saturday evenings, cooking tonkatsu while playing Perfume jams on Youtube in the other room. I don’t know how that routine started but I so love it: making super Japanese food while listening to super Japanese music. So yeah, THAT’S planned for this weekend too. So Friday is my lovely grilled cheese with gruyere, muenster and maple-smoked cheddar plus caramelized onions with rosemary, and Saturday is pork cutlets concocted to the beat of “Magic of Love”. Even when I’m the one who has to cook both of those things from scratch, I can’t help but feel excited at the prospect.

Depending on the weather, maybe I should go for a Saturday morning run too. It’s been a while since I did that, since I’m a total B when it comes to the heat. Looks like the temperature will be moderate, so long as I get up early enough. But knowing me, I won’t get up early enough, and I’ll be greeted with a blazing noon sun by the time I gain my bearings. Oh my word I just realized that I never mentioned (and this is a seemingly random tangent, I know) – my dang bedroom ceiling leaked again. I was so lucky to catch it before it did too much damage, but I had to move my bed again. I’m so glad my daki was covered – if it had gotten leaked on, I would’ve lost my crap. In my frustration with trying to move my bed as I cursed the upstairs tenants (who may or may not actually be responsible for the leak), I also knocked over my nightstand lamp, rendering it inoperable now. So that also angered me. I immediately put in a work order to have the leak looked at, though I don’t know when maintenance will take care of it. They seem to be very busy these days, and I don’t exactly know what they would do to prevent water damage of that caliber. I’ll count my blessings, though – my dakimakura is totally fine, and my bed is mostly fine, and I’m alive and can eat grilled cheese and pork this weekend.

Ah, dinner this past weekend went well too. Lovely time with the family, as usual. And for other news in my world, anime-watching is always a blast. I finished Kamisama Kiss a few days ago – it rocked, I thought it was great! Nanami is a great heroine/MC, I really liked her. It was refreshing to see her being one to take action, rather than a damsel in distress. I also just finished Little Women today and that was – holy cow – simply marvelous. Spoilers for Little Women will follow, BTW. I’m so glad Meg and John got engaged at the end – I’d been waiting for them to confirm the hints that they liked each other, and, while it was a bit sudden, they finally did. Jo and Laurie would’ve made such a great couple, too, though I applaud the former for moving to New York to pursue her dream. I think as a character, she shined the most. Beth contracting scarlet fever after witnessing her dear neighbor’s baby dying from it was heartbreaking. Even though I had a pretty good feeling she was gonna live (there was no way a show this wholesome would kill her off), I was still super worried. I think I was having war flashbacks from Clannad… I mean, that’s like a spot-on parallel. I’m serious when I say that’s probably why it hit so hard. Such a great, heartwarming show overall. I’ve never read the book but I can tell it adapted it well. The pacing felt on-point and I was engaged in witnessing the life of the March family the entire time. I have yet to figure out what show I’m gonna watch next at work. I can probably watch one more somewhat long one before I update my MAL on October 1st. As far what I’m watching in my free time, I picked Daphne In the Brilliant Blue, which has been enjoyable so far.

Another long entry... what the heck is this? I seem to have a lot more to say than I thought. It’s almost 11 now, and I’m still planning on watching an episode of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs before I shower and go to bed. These weeks have been going very quickly, and I partially chalk that up to the overtime. It’s weird how working more hours makes the time go by more quickly. It’s almost like… no matter how many hours of work I work, it always FEELS like I’m spending the same amount of time on it. That’s, of course, retrospective – while I’m working, it feels like it kinda drags on. But watching videos helps with that. The Little Women anime was so good that it made this week feel like a breeze. I’m very grateful for that in some regards. As usual, I also feel a bit leery about how easily time can pass on by. Year 30 of my life is less than two-thirds of a year away. Actually, I’m ON year 30 of my life… but you know what I mean. Is this what life is all about? Constantly looking at it and being like “man, time sure flies by”, and then spending all my time talking about saying stuff like that as if it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy? It’s really sad thinking that there will be a last time in my life for doing the things I love. Like eating my last gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. I shudder at the thought, as I’m sure many people would. That’s why this upcoming weekend is important for me to enjoy thoroughly. I don’t wanna stress too much about “optimizing my enjoyment”, of course, but I don’t wanna let is pass idly, either. I just wanna approach it for what it should be taken as – a time of fun and relaxation.