If I die today
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2021-09-16 15:20:57 (UTC)

whats right

I think I really want this divorce but how bad. How much should I owe I just got a new bill from the atty due by the 23rd that is 117$ for making my last 220 payment in person. Does that even make sence do I let them keep ramming me over bc I'm desperate or do I quit and give up who or what is going to help me if this doesnt work? I left a message with reception that I think the bill is wrong and I dont want to be charged for asking about it. but so if I paid 220 and I now owe 117 you;re telling me it cost 325 to process a 220 payment . how can a person ever get a head like that. Do I deserve this is it right to suck it up and keep going . I know that I screwed up but how much do I have to endure to bail myself out and if its going to cost another 325 to pay this bill I will end up in another dept so theres no point. so I'm not knowing what to do will wait and see if they call back and whats next. Thats the most of whats really on my mind today. Todays pretty usual nothing too remarkable otherwise but now to stress over this and I want to do the right thing but how . Guess time will tell . In this sick and twisted world now is the time while I can at least get this right. yLinse let me know bible studdy starts again this week with aLaur and eDav so I think maybe next week i'll join. Its kinda award but it cant hurt. The topic is encouragment. Anyhow my brain is soo overwhelmed right now

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