Lost for words at times
2021-09-16 17:27:42 (UTC)

Lost for words literally

Mood - Emotional

I'm tired, slept again for 4 hrs today. I got home this morning just after 9am from work. I'm not going to say just how difficult work is at the moment as we're under staffed. Yet care homes will be forced to choose between dismissing unvaccinated staff and risking unsafe services, or breaking the law by keeping employees on soon.

I'm vaccinated against a virus that l can still spread!
So why if there vaccines work, would an unvaccinated staff member be a threat to the vaccinated service user.

Yet.. a service user, doesn't have to be vaccinated nor do there visitors and they can come and go as they choose from these homes.

Where is the logic.

They was ALL good enough to care for these people up until now.

This is going to cripple the care sector. Were all under paid, i'm a senior carer. I deal with alot of medication. I deal with all the situations that may arise during the shift. I have to make quick decisions. Deal with outside healthcare proffessionals and emergancy services when needed. For what, a few pennies more than the national minimum wage. So please Mr Fucking Boris Johnson are we gonna get more staff from..

I woke up to a text message from him. Seriously cries..

Hi (My name), I hope I don't wake you with this text, and I apologise if I do , I just want you to know that I love you very much , I think my behaviour towards you has been unacceptable recently, I don't know why as you are so important to me ,I don't know why I have been trying to push you away, but I am very sorry, I don't mean to upset you I can't explain my haphazard behaviour, I just know that I do want to be with you I am very sorry I hope you can accept my apology, I think we are both very independent, I can only say I will try to behave in a more normal way if I can x

This is why i'm lost for words most of the time.

Take care of you x

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