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2021-09-16 08:50:08 (UTC)

Funny Ole Bunch...

I cannot fathom living inside a miserable existence, the mindset of looking to the future with doom and gloom, not foreseeing the here and now. Not understanding the power, the ultimate power of control within your choices right now.
I've never looked at life as a long haul, even with struggles pouncing on me like any other person. It's all just an experience, and whether lived until old age or not, it doesn't matter whether your life is filled with untold excitements yet to be experienced or whether you live each day in a simplistic manner. It's all just an experience, it's not a challenge. Life isn't here to bring you to your knees and keep you there, life is here to be experienced in its entirety, the good, the bad, the ugly, and bring you back onto your feet. Learning, experiencing.

How would you manage that?
How would you perceive your experiences?
How do you manage your reactions, actions, and conclusions with your own story of life?

If one can manage to let go of the concept that life is a burden, and start to see it as things will happen regardless, through your journey of going about your everyday life. Then one will begin to see, there is a constant flow of happenings linked to you, that will arise in this lifetime where choice is unrequired by you. They are concrete manifestations you created before birth, you wanted to learn this. As hard, as rough, as beautiful, as overwhelming as they are. Every interaction, every downfall, every heartache, loss, suffering, every beautiful moment, coincidence, and passing stranger to constant companion. All for you to experience, to grow from, to evolve.

Instead of perceiving life as salt, seeping into your wounds, or believing you're more fortunate because you did things differently than another. The aligned soul intuitively knows we all evolve at different paces. The person who might live a life you see as a great life almost definitely did not a lifetime before. They're here experiencing a polarity of what was once lived by them. Equally, to the person who suffers a 'burdened' life, almost definitely lived a less strenuous lifetime previously. There is no such conclusion as he/she is lucky, or more deserving, or less deserving, or unlucky. Those are rigid outlooks. To look outside the box is to see the present is the only influence you can create. It is true you create your world, but only in the present tense. To build into the future is doable but unstable because we're not there yet and cannot be influenced only stage it. So the relevance upon it is just laying foundations and letting the rest grow into what it will become.

And heartache? Tomorrow is a new day, and the day after, and so forth. What once overwhelmed you, lessons it's emotional impact on you. The true strength of living life by experience rather than feeling burdened by it is understanding that letting go of what doesn't serve to embrace you is a formidable healer. Letting go, and retaining the mindset that it was only an experience not a war on oneself, that these interactions came to teach, because we created this, and needed to learn something about ourselves, our reactions, interactions, and behaviour. How one copes with forgiveness, understanding, judgements, and most importantly how one views themself. Is all part of evolving ourselves. It was only an experience, not a burdened life. And when recurrence happens with similar relationships forming one after another, the focus must be on oneself. We are the denominator, and evaluation needs to be considered in our interactions and reactions.

There is rather expansive freedom in perceiving life as just an experience, growing old is not leading to an end, but a new beginning. And as blinded as walking this lifetime entails, with the mysticism of recognising de-ja-vu's or powerful connections with others that seem surreal, who were spiritually aligned with us in a previous lifetime. Be soothed in the fact, that if we gave ourselves all the answers, there would be nothing to learn, no growth in knowledge to spiritually evolve from. But yes, it's not easy, we school ourselves with education, upon information that has little bearing on the purpose of life experience and why we're really here. From the moment we're born we're already learning, evolving the soul through the school of life. And let's be fair, one's opinions dither from another, to be educated through a system that is only based upon the structure it wishes to teach is constrictive. However, experiencing life is varied and expansive for all, forever progressing, in truth through who are you. And there is no truer facts or wisdom more relevant to you, than your experiences through life.

The people who trust in learning from their life experiences are generally far more aligned intelligently, emotionally, and spiritually and wiser because those people don't just experience it, they evaluate, reflect upon it, and test its waters until they understand the purpose behind it. Time is irrelevant, and a revolving world will keep revolving while you're standing still momentarily to decipher the meaning behind what you experienced. Stress is a silent killer, negatively viewing oneself and their experiences will create psychological disorders and block awareness. However, a time comes when thinking in such a way reaches its end, when the inner mother creates a need to nurture oneself and we find ourselves amongst nature, realigning.

I am so random. This information floods me at the most inconceivable moments, in this case, whilst I was driving home from dropping my daughter off at school. I was nudged to get this down into words, so now it has been shared. Funny ole bunch up there :))

Over and Out xx