If I die today
2021-09-15 13:21:16 (UTC)


Dear Josh,
I dont know if you can read this or understand. I'm glad your alive and you;re alive for a purpose. Your struggles are unimagable. Everyone makes choices here and there while your sence of right and wrong is diffrent everything isnt your fault when you've made mistakes or misjudged things. in the sence of "meltdowns" or fits. Maybe you dont understand . I think theres nothing wrong with your frustrations exspecially with the challages of jst tryin to get someone to understand your needs/wants. Anyhow I hope your grow up into a mature man in maybe 20 years I know thats a rush now and the predictions for your future are all under the umberalla of many social.emotional.mental. diagnosis. Anythings possible thou. Youre a smart boy with what you know and the control you have I hope you make the best choices for yourself starting even now in every detail you can. Have a passion for goodness and truth. Youre a special person. A person just like the rest of us you're a human being and I hope your being treated as one always. Its hard to know what to say since I last saw you as a toddler and thats a little how I view you. I know what I hear from my mom and sister about you and its appernt youve grown. You've been thru so much and your still here kickin. I love to hear updates on you and I love you. I hope you do know your valueable your loved and you can be loving. You have made people smile and laugh and melted hearts before and even in nowdays times you effect people. Please know how much "power' you have and possibliites are endless. Dont loose hope. Our hope is in heaven our father in heaven. Please look to him if you havnt allready. he is a good savior and perfect provider and healer of our souls. This physcial world is the pitts frustrating at times discouraging and well sometimes maybe seemingly pointless but he is good and holds the cure. I dont know what your ideal life looks like your wants or your hearts desire but I wish you nothing but peace joy and happiness and hope you know and feel love (d) . Also I hope you pour into others show compassion empithany whatever comforts you can when it is good to do so. Anyhow thats a lot for a 9year old of any kind but I would assume this would be for your future and even if its now its a true writing for you. so if I was to pass I would want my love to love you as family too He's a cool guy and I would like if at all possible that you guys could connect. You can have anything youd want of mine but theres not much to want lol. Anyhow stay strong keep living I love you .