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2021-09-15 20:54:10 (UTC)

Ah, Right. Mhm....Riiight, Yeah...

Two of the four dates, out of the picture now. The big Viking-looking bear guy spoke with a voice of a tiny mouse that lost its brains, sucked out by zombies. The other bored me into a coma for the 9 minutes and 55 seconds I gave him. I just couldn't take anymore, lol.

This leaves the guy who talks about his "Dear old mental mum" in an endearing manner for 22 minutes. I think I managed to speak for maybe one minute of that, which was the combined total of "Ah, rights." and "Mhm's" and "Riiight, yeahs."
BUT, he is a decent guy, good looking, and all the other shite that equates to goodness, however, holding the phone away from ear during the majority of the conversation only to return it to my bleeding ear socket to say the quoted aboves, is a sure sign it's not a good sign, LOL. He has asked me to meet him this weekend, but I made excuses, leaving it open for change.

Which leaves, the guy who searched for my profile for three days after having to create a new account. Now, our conversation on the phone lasted much longer, and he is tall, has dark hair, slim, and sexy looking. Also, normal. Also, very articulate, humourous and when he asked the company I worked for, and he told me, "Oh wow, I used to work for them too." and proceeded to mention some of my colleague's names, including a branch manager of one of the branches I oversee, he immediately said, "So when are you free for a date then?" LMAO...And the reason being he knows my company is selective on their employees, we need to made of strong stuff because, despite the companies size, a huge amount of common sense and resilience is needed to survive there as training is rarely given in the way it should. You have to work it out and make it work.

Anyway, he has been texting ever since our phone call earlier today and we're going out next week as I said I am busy this weekend. In truth, I just want time to reset and spend some time doing what I enjoy doing to put my mindset back into a neutral mode, not "hate all men mode, tar all men with same brush mode" that isn't healthy or fair, I know this. So, time out this weekend is important.

This evening, my daughter asked for my assistance in helping her understand the tarot cards I gave her from the ample selection of tarot sets I've had since I was a teenager myself. I haven't used tarot cards since I was, hmm, around 16-17 years old as my spiritual insights expanded at that point and I was then working with Spirit directly so the tarot was no longer needed. They're only tools for spiritual growth anyway, I'm not sure many tarot readers know this. One might say a portal to further into working with Spirit directly, however, most like to remain with only tarot cards.

Anyhoo, she was using the book provided with the set to decipher it and I took the book off her and taught her how to correctly read from the cards, understanding how to decipher the emotion, images, and direction the cards (spirit) lead you to. Ie: a story in effect of such person, situations, decisions, and way forward. She picked it up so quickly, I was impressed. She read five different spreads, aided by Spirit, without the book, but instead using herself as the tool for Spirit to decipher through. Rather lovely, seeing it all unfold for her, she loved it and found a lot of awe in its accuracy....I told her, "Darling, it isn't the cards that lead this, it is you and Spirit. You're the reading, the medium between.

All good stuff....She has a boy after her too, since he found she split from her boyfriend. Haha, she doesn't fancy him though, but she is being polite and no-nonsense towards him. I'm proud of her.

Off out tomorrow night, I managed to get rid of Prime for the drink and so just me and J are meeting up for a mate's drink and catch up. It's hard to do so in the working environment, too many things interrupt the conversation.

I used an "angry cat" filter on my cat earlier and made a TikTok of her, proper funny! I sent it to the men after my vagina and a few friends and they thought it was funny. But it led me to "Little Britain" for some strange reason, such a great program.

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