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2021-09-15 22:56:58 (UTC)

When Godzilla fucked up America's ego...

You know when you read them Yo Mama jokes and go like daaammmmmnnnn thats brutal. Yeaa it was that kinda moment.

Movie is Godzilla. The one which came out in 2014. So the doc happens to be a jap and is on this aircraft carrier and the admiral is as white sterotyped as you can get.

So the admiral tells the doc that safety of the us people is first priority. Saving creature is second. And he says it ever so proudly.

Then the doc pulls out his pocket watch. It's old and damaged. He hands it to the admiral. The admiral sees the watch has stopped. He sees the time and date and says one word...Hiroshima.

Then the doc drops the bomb on his white ass and says it was his father's...and he takes the watch and walks out without a word...the admiral was caught with his pants down..haahaha his expression was that of surprise and daammmmn.

For those of who who didn't get it...the admiral boasts in protecting his people and forgetting that his great country once nuked two cities and killed billions of innocent japs..and the doc just smashed his white ego into tiny tiny tiny bits ..hahahahaha

Holy shit give that screenwriter and the director an award for that scene.

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