Uber adventures
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2021-09-15 10:30:02 (UTC)

Day 4, going into shock

Look, day 4 is kind of fuzzy for me too. I know it was Sunday. I know I went to get my rental car that day. The people at Enterprise were very nice and professional, and I wound up getting a red Toyota Corolla, just like mine back home only a few years newer. I'm pretty sure this is the day the incident on the long, gravel driveway happened. After I got the car, I went to pick up dad. Took him in his wheelchair to the front of the Home he's at. Got him in the car with a little help from me. It was just him and I, and he remarked that Sis mustve pawned him off on me. I drove to Lake Ontario where he likes to go and look at the cottages and the water. But I had gone the wrong way, not the usual way Sis does when she takes him on Sundays. As I was turning back to go the other way so he could get his bearings, he stated he felt a shit coming on. He was cussing bad. He was very upset. I was 15 minutes away from a gas station. Even if we had made it to one, I doubt he would have made it into the bathroom. It would have been tough getting him out of the car, into his wheelchair or on his walker, and into the store. He told me to pull over. He was extremely upset at this point. He was mad at himself for eating lunch earlier and having to shit now. He said stop somewhere, he was getting very annoyed at this point. I finally made it away from the cottages to the service road. I saw a side road leading off to the side of the service road. It was gravel. I think it may have been a driveway, but it was very long and I couldnt see a house at the end as it was too far away, thank God. I helped dad get out and stand next to the car. Helped him pull his pants down. He had already shit his diaper. I had to help him stand up while he shit right there next to the car. He kept asking me to hand him leaves so he could wipe his ass. He shit for over 10 minutes. I had just bought some of those surgical face masks to use while I was there. I handed him a bunch of them to wipe with also. When the smell hit me, I started gagging. I saw two kids ride by the service road on their bicycles. They were about 50 yards away. They looked once then kept going. We were sure hoping no cars came down the driveway or whatever it was we were on. Dad was extremely upset and kept swearing and repeating himself about eating his lunch and having to shit now. He made comments like "arent you glad you came to see me?" I think I went into shock at some point. It was a horrifying experience, to see your dad there with his pants down, struggling to stand up and shitting all over himself. He got some on his hands and I think I may have too. He finally finished, and we just put his sweat pants on and left the shitty diaper, masks, and leaves right there. I had to get the hell out of there. I had to drive up to turn around as the road was very narrow. There was a house at the end of the drive. I didnt see anyone out there though, thank God. I got turned around and we headed back to his nursing home. He was very upset the rest of the drive. He said somethin like "just give me a goddamn .45 and Ill end this thing." He told me he hates the nursing home he's in too. But he has no money to go anywhere else, and no one to take care of him properly if he did. I didnt say much on the ride back. I felt funny, like I was in the Twilight Zone or something. Thats why I think I went into shock. We did eventually get him back to his place in the old folks home. I told him to forget about it, tomorrow would be a new day and I would come and get him again and we would do something. He was ok when I left. I went back to sis's place. I couldn't talk about the incident for a few hours. I told her I had a similar incident to what happened to her a few months ago at the mall. I told her that I needed a hug. She gave me one. That might've been the night that we had Jreck subs for dinner. Myself and my sister's stomach were messed up for a couple days. Dammit. I love Jreck. They were very busy that day though, and may have put out some bad lettuce. My stomach was bloated all night and the next day. Definitely not the best day of my vacation.

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