Scream Above the Sounds
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2021-09-15 16:10:04 (UTC)

The Grind

So I ran today, I actually ran with one of my best friends. I suppose they are the trifecta really, I'm best friends with all three of the brothers, but today I ran and took the youngest with me. The eldest is getting married soon and we talked about suits for the wedding and stuff, and one of the brothers said they wanted to lose weight for the wedding, so I introduced the Couch to 5k app that I have been using. So I ran with the youngest today, neither brother are in particularly good shape but you have to start somewhere. I was impressed he came to be fair. He doesn't get out much at all and I knew it would be difficult for him. I remember the first time I tried and I hated it, I was embarrassed at how unfit I was and it just caused so much aches and pains. It was like looking in the mirror watching him at times, but shit, he came. I was impressed with that. He tapped out about the halfway point, but at least he gave it a go. He injured his ankle a year or two ago when we were playing football and I guess it still causes him a lot of grief. I haven't asked him if he wants to run again on Friday yet, but I don't think he will. He came back to my house afterwards and we had some water and watched an episode of something on Netflix together.

I'm deadly serious about running 3 times a week now until the wedding though, and same with the exercise bike. The grind begins, and I feel motivation bursting right now. I hope it'll last. I've lost some weight since 2018, because I did start comfort eating a lot during the breakup, and I was going through like 2 litre bottles of full fat Pepsi. It was a bad time. I'll never fall back into that pattern again I hope, but I do need to be consistent with the running and hopefully I can look a lot better when the wedding comes. Either way, I want a nice dark blue suit! I might see about maybe doing some bodyweight exercises too and I was really getting into those at one point. I'll have to hit up my friend Aaron and see about a new plan. I don't know what this motivation is or where it has come from, but I hope it will last.