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2001-10-11 02:06:13 (UTC)

a date with ed

well tonight was this big date with that guy ed lol. i will
get to that in a minute. first of all yesterday was tues
and maggie came over after school. we just drove around and
then we were t my house and i kinda confronted her abot the
lies sh tels and i felt really bad bc she was really quiet
and wanted to go home. but she seemed ok today buti dunno
why she lies like that. so the tonight ed picked me up and
he chalsea and her bf johv went to applebees. i wasnt
hungary and i was a little qiet to him an it wasnt all that
fun. then we went to the movies ad we go there really early
so ed and john played video games and he hardly payed
attention to me. then during the movie h did not put ne
moves on me and i on knoif he was justbeing nice or he
doesnt like me. SO he takes me home first snd i got a hug
goodbye. so it was rather dull. but atleast i ddnt do ne
thingi would regret like i usually do. so i jut got home
and i am feeling nothing bc i wasnt gonna let myself get
hurt and mabey that is the problem but i think that
whatever happens happens. to good nihgt-peace and love