La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-09-15 13:05:11 (UTC)


Today I wake up to a fog filled sky, with just enough light to make you feel like in a horror movie, yet my thoughts are not my own this morning I'm debating with a lot of the things that still bother me, as if there is a very urgent unfinished bussiness where I refuse to go back. But I wont let that thought robe me from my peace, today I will work focuse and motivated, have lot's of shcool work to do with my doughter.
Yesterday I made a very traditional meal here in town, is called a mole, and I must say my heart was dancing, there are very few times where I get this gastronomy expirience, because I always eat because I have to not because am hungry, it has to do with my thyroid. I went to the market and got some exotic fruits, oh I wish I had the words to describe to you what they taste like. An explotion of flavour melting your taste buds the kind of taste that takes your breath away just for the right moment. I,m drinking my coffee right now looking out side at the fog and what comes to mind are the tall trees back home and how beautiful they all look in a climate like this one. Any how I'm writting a lot and nothing at all as you can see. Is a way my brain has to avoid what truly is bothering me. I FEEL LOST!

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