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2021-09-15 08:55:05 (UTC)

Four dates

I went back to the dating app, had a build-up of messages since when I was last on there over a week ago. One guy, who I spoke to briefly before I scarpered had contacted me again. He said, his account had been hacked, and had to prove to the dating app who he was and ended up making a new account. He said he has been searching for the last three days to find me again because he wants to get to know me. He is attractive, 44, seems normal, 17-year-old daughter, old pet retriever, the former relationship ended two years ago, just started on the dating scene.

But mama lioness knows, most shite these guys tell me, in the beginning, is usually fabricated, so all the above is just floating words with no meaning to me, or worthy of believing. Time and talking eventually show their truths.

Anyway, he and three other men have made it to my Whatsapp, all four would like to go on a date with me. There are others on the app that also showed interest in me but they're not for me.

I have stopped all communication with Captain A, I wasn't impolite to him because despite my foul mouth writing and thoughts here, I am a mannered polite woman, and I don't feel the need to shy away from the facts and be straightforward. So I was straightforward with Captain A and made my exit.

Prime text me last night STILL trying to start seeing me again, "Pick up where we left off," I told him, "Where does that leave me though? There is nothing left over then a bit of fun and that suits you, but it doesn't suit me." He said, "No, I told you before, we need to spend time together not having sex." In all honesty, I don't want his sex or his time, or his effort. I am not interested. Not even for a whimsical fuck, and that right there says everything lol. We had our fun two years ago, and it can remain as such. Women throw themselves at him, he has everything some types of women would think is a great suitor. He isn't unattractive, he has a calming dominant character, he has power in that he is the boss of 28 branches. He has money, a very nice house (I fucked him in his marital bed there) and he is very easy to get on with, however, he isn't for me.

Although, he and my colleague are going out for a "mates" drink tomorrow night. As long as he doesn't touch me, he won't be getting my drink in his face. :))

So, back to the jocks.
I will go on a date with these four guys, a walk or a drink somewhere, but I will say. Just like with Captain A, my dating style is not like it was previously with "my ex guy", "bumble" and the others. I had excitement when meeting those, I put a fair bit of effort in (Mmm, especially with "my ex guy" maaaaan that sex was delicious, yum yum) but now, I just think, go on a date, see if YOU like him, not if he likes you, and if I don't carry on with my sweet, lovely life. I don't get nervous before a date now, a little more enthusiasm may arise after a good first date, but as it stands. My knickers can continue to take the battering (lol) where nobody knows but me.

Geez, you should see one of these guys, he looks like a flipping ginormous Viking, not fat but all body built and hairy, lol.
Fact is, the four of them are all totally different looking, but all have dark hair, which is my preference.
I have got a doctor, rather tasty too but within a few messages I could read between the lines, he is just trying to fuck as many ladies as he can. Move along cowboy......