Numbers and colors
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2021-09-14 21:58:16 (UTC)

12 pale yellow, butterfly

I turn around to see that the swarm has stopped, subsided almost completely. In the distance, I make out a small pale dot, just barely hanging on. Surprised, Part of me wants to turn my gaze away and fly out of here. But the other part of me, the one that wants to make a difference, wants to go after her.

Butterfly Ch 4

*the Golden Monarchs POV*
One step. Two steps.. sigh. where is my confidence? what happened to that skip in my step? the butterflies in my stomach? I feel like i ate a bunch of sweets and have an upset belly.

I try to think of the moment when I asked her where she was from.

(///u///) my ears and neck begin to turn red when i think of the way she turned away and blushed. I want to do that again. I want to make her smile, I want to see her happy, see her beautiful face brighten when she hears me compliment her. I have only seen her blush, I want to see all her emotions. I want to be there to wipe her tears and hold her tight when she feels vulnerable. I want to stand for her dreams and fight for her heart. I know she is a strong one and only needs words of encouragement to keep going. I just hope she is okay with me, just an ordinary Monarch Butterfly.

I must make haste.

Quickly and carefully, I hold onto what courage I can grasp and flutter towards the barren landscape that she escaped to.

*the Pale Beauty's POV*
to be continued