2021-09-15 07:27:38 (UTC)


It's 3:30am and I feel like I'm up due to work stress which just shouldn't be so. We work to make a living. What we do to make a living shouldn't feel like it gives us ulcers and makes our hair fall out. But sadly, this is the situation I'm in and it's due to poor management. I'm just going to say it. My co-worker is fucking lazy and she won't lift a finger to help cover when our other co-worker is out. She always claims that she is too busy but the fact of the matter is I a always at least 2 or 3 times as busy as her even when we're all at work. I'm assigned to more patients than she is and more departments than she is so I will always have more. And what annoys me is that management doesn't do shit. If I said I was too busy to do my job (and other people's jobs as the situation is) I feel like that excuse doesn't fly but they are tired of talking to her and she literally wore them down with her obstinance so she just gets away with it. I want to move on but I haven't found anything comparable. This fucking capitalistic nightmare world makes is really hard to make a decent living sometimes. Employers just don't want to pay what the job is actually worth. I feel like, well I may not be a doctor but if you want someone to schedule surgeries and make sure that they're paid for, then you should at least pay that person enough to live in a decent one bedroom apartment but they don't.

In a totally different situation, one of the receptionists at my job is finally leaving, They didn't fire her but they reduced her hours so much that she was forced to move on. It was totally political though. They didn't like her. And for good reason too. She wouldn't learn anything to contribute in any meaningful way. Still these morons that I work for kept her on the payroll doing nothing for 5 years. But anyway, I think of her starting from scratch now and the economy the way it is and I know it sucks. And it sucks for so many people out of work right now. And I'd hate to be anything less than grateful for whatever I do have but it's just hard. I worked my ass off on this pandemic and I am tired, burnt out and completely unappreciated and there's nothing that I can do about it but pray for something better and keep waking up at 3am out of anger and frustration.

Anyway, having sufficiently vented, I will try to at least lay down for a little while before the alarm goes off.

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