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2021-09-15 01:31:07 (UTC)

My own heaven?

Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

Watching all these shows that portray Heaven in some way, everyone in heaven gets their own heaven etc. I always wondered (if I was even ever worthy of it) what my heaven would look like. The more I thought the answer came, it would be me as a child again and at nights mom would rock me to sleep and sing silent night. Those childhood days were honestly the only times in my life when I was truly happy, surely this is what my heaven would look like if I am worthy once I die.

I truly had the best childhood, we weren't rich but we weren't poor for a while and I got spoiled and was blessed with the best mom. My fondest memories of her are when she would rock me to sleep at night and sing silent night which was my favorite bedtime song. One time I pretended to fall asleep and she finished singing and gently stood up and carried me upstairs and gently laid me down on the bed and whispered she loves me. That was moment in my life when I was happiest when I felt really alive.

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