The reason why my sky is Blue
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2021-09-15 07:03:00 (UTC)

Day 7

I Have A Vagina!
It doesn’t look like anyone else’s vagina. I don’t think my vagina is pretty. It’s not pink and not tight. But it’s not roast beef either. It’s fat and brown, not in ugly brown but my normal skin tone. I’m a big girl. I currently weight 280 pounds. I tell myself everyday that it’s the day. The day to change my life, not be “that girl” I have everything I need to do it. The only thing I don’t have is motivation. I have no Will power. I don’t know how to just get up and do. I know how to push my alarm and go back to sleep. I know how to order 2 burgers rather than one. I disgust myself. But I’m not willing to do something about it. But tomorrow will be the day I get up early and go for that run. Tomorrow will be the day I order the salad. Tomorrow will be the day and that’s the reason why my sky is blue.