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2021-09-14 23:30:12 (UTC)

Day 3 of Vacay

Ive been trying to think of what happened on day 3 of vacation. I wish I could remember. The truth is, I dont remember much about day 3. I know I mustve gone to see my dad that day. I dont think I had rented my car yet, I think I did that Sunday. So I must've gone to see dad with someone, either Syd, Sis, or both. I know that I would've been pretty sad when I saw the shape he was in. He can barely walk. He even struggles to talk, he cant project his voice at all. I think the only thing I remember about day 3 was that Sis, Kev and Robin all wanted to go out to a bar and watch some band. Apparently Kev knew someone in the band. I know I tapped out that night. I had to get some sleep to face the week ahead with the drinking I was about to do, and taking dad out as much as possible while I was there. So I gave up a Saturday night on the town in my hometown to get some sleep. Lame, I know. Day 4 when I get a chance.