La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-09-15 04:14:57 (UTC)

My soul is more than old.

Your soul is more than old. It is practically ancient. This is a soul that has gone through the drainer, has seen the cycles of humanity rise and fall, death examines life chasing death and so on, an endless cycle of birth and death.You've seen young people smiling shyly after their first kiss. You've seen them grow into experienced adults. You have seen the mistakes that are repeated with each generation again, always thinking that this is the first time they have happened. As a result, you find many people exhausting. You seek time alone with your thoughts because the childishness and innocence of younger souls can be exhausting and make you feel old and sad compared to them.It is not easy to have the burden of knowledge and experience. Only when you become an old soul do you realize that innocence is more of a reward than an obstacle. However, you are wiser beyond your years. You always have been, and your wisdom often keeps you away from anguish and ruin. The best way to deal with an ancient soul?
Teach others. Imparting your wisdom and watching them blossom thanks to you, this will bring satisfaction and tranquility to the mind and soul.
this was the result of a test I took while battling bordom, and it made so much perfect sense, this explains in a way why I enjoy talking for hours with old people and I learn so much from what they are talking about as if I was in that frame of time, I know it all sound crazy but for me it makes sense. Some times I'm talking to people and I know what they are going to say before they finish speaking, so I get intrested by the fact that I already new that, or a lot of dejavu expiriences, maybe is ironic, but in my book it makes all the sense in the world specialy when it comes to my dreaming. Witch by the way have been having a lot of nightmares latly, so we will see what this night has to offer. good night. And no am not crazy. :D