Experienced Life
2021-09-14 20:31:50 (UTC)

What's out there😱

Boy, I've been probing around seeing what's out there. There are a lot of defensive, angry, and poop don't stink attitude women out there. I hear things like "Don't settle" or wanting the cream of the crop top men. But....they don't see themselves and the not so niceness that they are. Sure, don't settle but they fail to see what they offer. Angry, hurt, and just an overall mean demeanor in them. Won't take anyone's poop? All it does is makes for a cold heart. No one wants that. It appears those companies investing in pet food futures know what the heck they are doing because there will be a lot of women that will be alone.

So that "girl next door" is a rare breed nowadays. That's sad because it means I will be alone that much longer. I'm just thankful my other baskets of life are doing good so I'm ok for now. I just didn't realize the world became like this all of a sudden.

Anyway, I did the 2nd gym session after work and we went out to eat dinner after. Mexican food!!! Not my fav at all but since my friends were going, I went for the company. That's what made it worth it. And I had a beer. Been awhile since I had one. Did I miss it? Nah... not really. It's ok but I was one-and-done. It's not like before when I could down 9 beers in a sitting. Maybe my taste buds changed? I dunno. Not a lot of buzz too since it's only a beer so no one got any prettier. Still, dinner with friends was fun and we talked gym stuff.

Going to take a shower. I can feel the stickiness from the dried sweat on me. Yuck!! 3rd shower today. Tomorrow I got a dentist appt first thing. Then a couple of mtgs and one project at work to do so it should be a mellow day.