Carrie notes
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2021-09-15 03:34:48 (UTC)

Buzzing In To The Building

I want to make you aware that I asked a gentleman to be buzzed into the building about 5 minutes ago. He is someone who comes to see Tammie Sarrett's nieghbor on the first floor.
Now when I asked the gentleman to be buzzed into the building Diane accused me of being too bossy. I was only trying to make it clear that all guest must be buzzed in to the building when they come to see residents.
I know that the security cameras have caught this guy walking up to the gentleman's apartment who lives next door to Tammie Sarrett and not using the buzzer. I didn't think I was being unfair by asking the guy to be buzzed in to see the resident he was here to see.
The problem I have is when Diane thinks I'm being bosdy for making a request that guests should be buzzed in. I was only looking out for the safety of my nieghbors

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