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2021-09-14 22:52:14 (UTC)


I been feeling kind of weird lately. Idk maybe the days are blending together. I have headaches again , honestly it could be my allergies. I bought some clothes today. I think what my shopping problem is , is I really don’t be liking a lot of stuff and the price does not match, but when I do like something I’ll grab it. It catches my eye. I kind of have a chill/ weird style . Sometimes I want to be wild and crazy and sometimes I just want to be basic. I’m not an Instagram model or super fashionable. But I like to be comfortable and cute and wild crazy sometimes ..

Yesterday with Chalis was weird . I don’t think I really like him anymore and he doesn’t really express how he feels that much. He’s honestly a liar and I hate it , and I don’t like that he feels like he has to hide stuff . If you have to do all of that then u can keep that energy over there. I guess I’m just succumbing to being single and alone . Flirting, trying to date and stuff.. I think we are pretty over honestly. There’s no spark with us anymore; probably just sex and I know that . He doesn’t want to admit it but I know. I’m just numb Rn , not really sad or happy. And I guess that’s what being human is all about. I haven’t been smoking weed, honestly I don’t want to smoke weed. I’m just freaking tired. Of working this freaking job and then coming home to my mother . Ugh. Maybe something fun will happen soon, but right now I don’t want to talk. Leave me alone. Until I feel like it. Drake on the playlist and he’s sounding right when I’m in the car at night . Cruising .. probably my favorite thing to do is just to drive with my sunroof down and some chill music playing. Being high and driving is lit too, but I’m not smoking, remember?

Anyways.. goodnight I have to slave at my job tomorrow .

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