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2021-09-15 01:08:25 (UTC)

its out of control

life is now officially out of control. there is nothing left to say. we are fucked
its one of those days where I can clearly see the fork in the road and which road to take is such a hard decision to make.
what do i hang on to? what do i go without?
nothing will ever be as it was no matter what road any of us take. thats the really sad shitty part of this.
what the illusion of choice represents is a horrid horrid thing.
the division is so very sad to watch. we were never all in anything together.
i'm fortunate that i'm old and had my fun. my heart breaks for the young ones who got a taste of a fun life and now have nothing.
the really young ones will never know life any different. our stories will be urban myths.

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