If I die today
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2021-09-14 15:21:56 (UTC)

the others

Well its birthday season between nDea, mom and my brothers daughter who I never go to know all within these next few days I guess thats exciting. At least well maybe just maybe I think about others at least a litlle. Hope im not a total narc or socialopath. Well today was basic no run and walk was just aroung the corner and a turnaround. The dog is pretty sick with sneezing running nose and just he's less enthustaic but still eating and such. His eyes water too. personally I think he get wrose when we go outside. Anyhow. who knows but I'm not gonna take him running in these condtions. I had a mixup I was going to get one small truly drink but low and behold I got one small truly extra so it was 8percent insteadd of like 5percent. oops guess I need to pay beter attention or mangage better. that was my 3oclockish drink after a v8 energy. no coffee today yet I'm not sure whats to come nDea is relaxing. I texted eMichell she is still feeling well this week. I'm sorta out of it I'm a little regretful and feeling stupid about the overloadd or likely unwanted presents for nDea . I get excited to give and I love him soo much. IDk I'm socially akward its lame. well nothing too much to write if I'm a gonner today well IDk things are what they are nDea is my family so thats the starting place